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Latency/input lag Europe


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I'm fairily new to BnS, and I don't know if this specific topic already or if there's already a solution. And I couldn't anything apelled specically to my issue.


So I've been playing Blade and Soul for a little over 2 weeks now, having completed Act 9 of the main story just a few days ago. In the beginning I thought it was just me being new to the game, not having gotten used the combat system yet. But over the past 3 days I've been doing dungeons such as Naryu Sanctum and Catacombs(some magma guy as last boss) and I've noticed that my skills/abilities don't acitvate immediately. What do I mean?

I mean that: 

1) trying dodge a red circle/indicator attack with an iframe ability is detrimental. Blade Master's(I play Blade Master) Q and E's iframe only lasts for a few frames and you have to use just before the red attack lands. But for me it rarely happens! What happens to me is that just before the attack lands I hit my Q, E or "3"(five point strike) but the skills/abilities don't active! so I end up getting hit by the red attack. At first I thought that the iframes in Blade and Soul don't cancel aniamtions so I tried to do something else instead. I usually hold Right-click down(for Dragontongue) and then hit my iframe key, but that didn't work, so I thought I'd lift my finger 2s before the attack lands and then hit the iframe key just 1s before the attack lands, BUT IT STILL DIDN'T work. 

WHAT DID WORK was, at the very start of a red attack I COMPLETELY STOP DOING ANYTHING! and then iframe. 

I thought this was just a thing happening in the dungeons, so went to the training (F12) so to see if anything differs. But nope completely the same.


2) another instance is the skill/ability Dragontongue. I've noticed outside of dungeons(when holding down right-click) it does each hit without delay, but in seemingly in dungeons there's 1/3 a second delay between each hit. 


I play on the EU server and my ms(ping) hovers between 70-90. Is it just BnS? Because in games like LoL and OW my ms is usually around 20-30. EVEN in TERA-online my ms is 20-30.

My rig is i7-4790k, GTX 980, 16gb ram and the game runs off a NVMe SSD. So it's not like I've frame issues. I read in another post that, it could be mouse latency(something about muse and Unreal Engine 3) so I tried re-binding my mouse buttons(weird because it's NOT just my mouse buttons) to keyboard keys, but it didn't help.


So my question is: Is there anything I can do to solve this? How do you guys deal with this, do you have a solution or do you just play it as it is? 

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Under Game-> Camera options, disable: "Use Reflex Context Guide" and "Display Contextual Action Prompts", should help with problems at joint attacks with bosses.

It's not ideal, since you're new player, because you need to know when to CC, but it helps.


Though I really think there's some memory leak with UI since Awaken patch, because when i hover in UI over item or Transmute tab, fps drops from 100+ fps to low 30 or less. 

Move mouse away or close inventory and fps back to normal. Happens everytime, tho I never bothered to report it under bugs section. Wonder if it's only me?

Also just closing map gives 10+ fps, game's UI needs serious bug-checking and optimization.

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