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New player: shadow or frost?


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This question might have been asked a lot but I have been getting the most mixed feedback in game, and couldn't find anything recent enough to be sure it was up to date info.

I'd like to know if I should play frost or shadow for PvE. I am trying to experiment with both and the general consensus, as well as my personal no-gear experience, seem to prove that frost deals more damage, but there's a TON of people that told me to play shadow without really telling me why. 

I have watched some youtube videos to get an idea of the rotation and damage output but those people are capable of spamming dragoncall/dragon helix as if they had no cooldown/restictions, which I can't do, so it ends up being totally different from my in-game experience.

Which one do you guys recommend I should learn, as a new player? Thanks in advance!

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this might be kinda late, but shadow is a bit more mobile and does more damage early on.  once you get VT gear is when frost will start to do more damage


edit:  personal recommendation is to go frost since it does start to do significantly more damage than shadow after VT.  although shadow WL is the top DPS right now on KR servers with the awakened skills, it will probably get balanced out

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