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Unlocking Summit's Call Set from Junsorei


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The Warden's patch has brought us some new content which includes this PVE set; Summit's Call Set. If anyone ever wondering, Summit's Call Set includes all 6 piece accessories which obtained from upgrading hellion gears. Alternatively, one can trade hellion cores with Junsorei to earn this set. Yet, the trade is locked untill certain several achievements has been done. I have look into the achievement list and haven't found the required achievements. My main question is how or what to do to earn this achievement and thus, unlocking the trade of Summit's Call gears with Junsorei.

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If you are talking about the core exhcanges for helion accessories:


Each accessory has a requirement to do the dungeon where the accessory normally drops from 10 times. then you have them unlocked.

The problem with bns achievements is that for dungeons you have a few stages:

1 Clear

10 clears

100 clears etc...

The moment you do the 1st clear the achievement changes to 10 clears and changes the name thats why you couldnt find it.


So for the accessories respectively:

Helion Bracelet - 10 runs Sandstorm Temple

Helion Earring - 10 Runs starstone mines

Helion ring - 10 runs ebondrake lair

Helion Belt - 10 runs drowning deeps

Helion Necklace - 10 runs ransacked treasury


It might be better for you to get the ring and earring from skybreak spire and easier but thats up to you.

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