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VT drop rates


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Hello guys , i`ve been doing VT 1-4 for some weeks and for 5 weeks in row it dropped only sealed hive queen rancor 4 times and 1 time hive queen rancor , also for scion keep 7 weeks in row no badge only shadow neck 6 times and wind 1 time , i`ve been contacting support and they said the drop rate is random and i should make a forum post for some improvement , https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/215223681968898048/480451326753374208/unknown.png?width=1087&height=612 ,https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/274521887906856960/480452615658799104/unknown.png?width=1087&height=612 ,https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/274521887906856960/480452988834676736/unknown.png?width=1087&height=612

I don`t know what to say about random drop rates but it`s up to you as well to decide if it was random rate or nah , tell me what do you think about it , maybe the support will notice in the end ... Also it`s stressing out a lot because mainly all HM dung or stuffs require VT gear only and im getting kicked because of no badge , and weap material

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It's RNG, took me 11 weeks to see the Heart of Great Thrall for my badge, 5 times on hive queen isn't that much and u can't say that some items have more drop rate than others it's the same, it's like TT, some raids see shadow all the time, some see fire, i saw earth and fire in 2 tries, there's raids with 10 clears and no fire, u can buy the stuff from Hive Queen on f5 if u don't want to wait, it's just RNG.

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