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  1. This isnt fair

    No, you can only buy Hongmoon Coin but this is only for NCoin, if u don't have enough NCoin you'll need to charge your account with 5€
  2. [NEWS] Gift with Purchase Now Live

    I just bought it, i already had bought alot of stuff with NCoin, an NCoin is an NCoin, not method relatable and yes you can use already existing NCoins. Do like i did, try and see for yourself, no need to ask those questions tbh.
  3. Stop these bad events

    Horrible, horrible & horrible. 1 month to get only about 3/4 oils, i can get 2 or 3 oils in 1 week or less, useless event, crap transformation stuff, only below raven 6 is a bit worth, above it's null, Just stop with that, get some engineers and qualified people, not fisherman's, lmao.