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  1. Shadow seems to be the better element for sin and the simple mode in-game it's pretty good for it, so, no, isn't hard.
  2. blade and soul needs a downgrade

    Yes, very easy indeed, see you in 1 year and tell me how's your gear.
  3. Would soul burn be dead

    WL soulburn doesn't give more DPS than warrior Soulburn... The differences between both is that Warrior soulburn gives life drain + resist for 1 second, i think it's the only ones.. Anyway, i prefer the warrior soulburn on dungeons because my ping won't climb and i don't fps break as i have with warlock soulburn.. But that's caused by this beautiful game, not warlock fault..
  4. Unload is now a projectile -___-

    Well, the only "lag" i have it's the SB one, but you will have hooks anyway, you can do most of the coffins with hooks and 1 walking, i guess it depends a bit on the ISP as well, i had 2 different ISP while playing this game and my old ISP was garbage, always lagging on raids, with the new one i never had a single lag.
  5. Unload is now a projectile -___-

    We will get the nerf on this patch, Joanathan said that on Twitter. You better reroll qqq 😂 Btw, u can do coffins on tt1 walking, so, no problem at all, I say this because I already did it walking.
  6. Unload is now a projectile -___-

    I don't know if you're a troll or.. And stop making 3000 posts, say everything in one post, just reroll class, obviously u like the class because it's OP..
  7. Gunner- Info / tips ?

    Just to clarify that fire gunner has more dps then shadow, even if it's long fights or raids. People say shadow is funnier to play, well, i don't like it, fire is a bit boring, yeah, but it's all matter of tastes.
  8. KR PATCH NOTE???rumored changes GS

    Who complain about nerfs are people who can't even use their class.. Stop crying, x2.
  9. Unload is now a projectile -___-

    I play gunner and i agree with the nerf, those F's are way OP's on BG's, i see alot of BG's streams and i play a bit of BG and gunner just need to stun + air + v + hits and you're dead, u don't even need to F there.. Of course there's class's who one 1 you but u can resist them. Stop crying and learn to play, you just want to be a brain dead gunner who press F and kills everyone. Learn to manage your E as well.
  10. When we used the wings without costumes?

    You need to use the Urban Outfit as well, you won't be able to use the wings with other outfit...
  11. Well, my ping on bnsbuddy is pretty fine all day.. I don't know, everyone has different problems.. Like i told u, on my old ISP i had those spikes, 50-60-120-180-50-60, now i'm always on 43-45-46-43-45-46.. Not saying that is 100% your fault on all those spikes, servers are bad.
  12. Nah, it's your ISP fault too. I play with 80-120ms on f8 and 60-100ms on "real-world" i get about 90-150ms when i'm raiding and i don't see changes at all on my skills, like i said to u on the other thread.
  13. Any word/news on optimization?

    The optimization of the game in terms of performance is horrible, the servers are bad as well but if u have that ping it's your ISP/PC problem as well.
  14. It's your ISP 99% sure, on my previous ISP i also had a decent ping everyday, guess what? I had alot of packet loss, you probably have alot of packet loss, you will still be able to see that your ping is good and your download + upload, but you're having packet loss. When you get lag, open your cmd and type "ping -t" without the "" and check if you have "request time outs", if u do, then it's packet loss, if don't, it's some problems with your ISP, because since i changed for an fiber ISP (1st September) from that day on i never had lag, even downloading stuff.
  15. Then your ISP also sucks, the servers are horrible but i can have a stable ping with my internet..