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  1. I think they're having problems with that, i buy NCoins on other legal websites, off-gamers + amazon, i think i can say the names here since they're legal and trusty. U get the code to apply on b&s website in less than 30 minutes, most of the times takes 2-3 minutes.
  2. How many hours u spent there, on those 3 days, to get all those boxes and how many mobs u kill? That seems horrible drops, and no, not amazing event. I say it's horrible drops because on 3 days u can get alot more stuff if u farm that intensive lol
  3. Stop being a white warrior dude. This game is dying on the west and the people with a bit of QI can see it, they want to reach KR on patchs but can't u see how hard is to upgrade gear? I'm at 1400 ap, pretty decent for an f2p player, but it's hard as hell, i play on alts and i farm alot of HM dungeons, the optimization of the game is horrible, like the upgrade path, they're nerfing stuff but they need to nerf even more and add ways to farm stuff properly, not on 6v6 or other boring stuff, how they want to reach KR if u need to sell your body & soul to get a true soul + true heart? You don'
  4. KR is the only server who gives profit to NCSoft, look to ncsoft west team, 3 were fired, this game is closer and closer to just end like wildcard, they don't care about EU & NA, they don't get the profit they want from here, don't say 'we have whales spending alot here', that's not even profit for them. Team doesn't care about what players think, they don't play the game, they add this type of horrible event just because they can't even think on what to do since they copy KR all the time and like was said above, KR doesn't have halloween. Best advise is to move to KR and play there lmao.
  5. Did 4 on 4 this week, never missed more than 2 when I try about 6-8 at time, always heard about 50%, i don't know..
  6. Shadow seems to be the better element for sin and the simple mode in-game it's pretty good for it, so, no, isn't hard.
  7. Yes, very easy indeed, see you in 1 year and tell me how's your gear.
  8. WL soulburn doesn't give more DPS than warrior Soulburn... The differences between both is that Warrior soulburn gives life drain + resist for 1 second, i think it's the only ones.. Anyway, i prefer the warrior soulburn on dungeons because my ping won't climb and i don't fps break as i have with warlock soulburn.. But that's caused by this beautiful game, not warlock fault..
  9. Well, the only "lag" i have it's the SB one, but you will have hooks anyway, you can do most of the coffins with hooks and 1 walking, i guess it depends a bit on the ISP as well, i had 2 different ISP while playing this game and my old ISP was garbage, always lagging on raids, with the new one i never had a single lag.
  10. We will get the nerf on this patch, Joanathan said that on Twitter. You better reroll qqq ? Btw, u can do coffins on tt1 walking, so, no problem at all, I say this because I already did it walking.
  11. I don't know if you're a troll or.. And stop making 3000 posts, say everything in one post, just reroll class, obviously u like the class because it's OP..
  12. Just to clarify that fire gunner has more dps then shadow, even if it's long fights or raids. People say shadow is funnier to play, well, i don't like it, fire is a bit boring, yeah, but it's all matter of tastes.
  13. Who complain about nerfs are people who can't even use their class.. Stop crying, x2.
  14. I play gunner and i agree with the nerf, those F's are way OP's on BG's, i see alot of BG's streams and i play a bit of BG and gunner just need to stun + air + v + hits and you're dead, u don't even need to F there.. Of course there's class's who one 1 you but u can resist them. Stop crying and learn to play, you just want to be a brain dead gunner who press F and kills everyone. Learn to manage your E as well.
  15. You need to use the Urban Outfit as well, you won't be able to use the wings with other outfit...
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