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  1. Battleground in general are horrible, not only "gunner fault", on arena.. If gunner burst is that big, then go watch vod's of EU & NA preliminars of Blade&Soul stream and check those sins, fm's, etc. And how 15 sec of reload is low cooldown? They will increase it for 18 sec, that's alot, 15 seconds on arena is way to much, 18 is even wrost.
  2. The new event is bad (thoughts)

    What ignorance? You 2 are just saying that some people can't get the sou/pet when it's obvious that if u do the event every day u can get the soul/pet + more stuff. Have a good night :P
  3. The new event is bad (thoughts)

    Incorrect my friend. My clan mates did the event from the first day and got the soul (their sould reached 100%) plus more stuff from the event, how can u say people can't get it?
  4. Fire Gunner Badge

    No mob is stupid enough to stand still for 8 sec? Then what happens on dungeons and raids with good tanks most of the times? :D They stand still, and u just can use X to resist when some skill goes on your way.. Legacy is if u wanna play burst build, you have more time to use bullet storm (that badge sucks with high ping & lag spikes), limitless is to reduce the CD of your V, and Eon Badge is to spam more F (RNG stuff), i use the Eon one, i like to play with it honestly, probably i'll try the limitless one to see so i can use more times my V and proc aransu badge..
  5. The new event is bad (thoughts)

    I repeat, if u do the events everyday you get the pet or soul. If people from my clan got the soul into 100% and still got the upgrade, how other people couldn't? LMAO
  6. You can remove the limit of fps. Just Pm me if u want to know how.
  7. The new event is bad (thoughts)

    Why the hell are u crying about the event? It's ment to help players to get the awakened pet and u guys still moan about it? U can still get other stuff besides the pet, so, just stop lol. "bla bla bla, if it's like soul event it sucks" dude, every player that did the event EVERY DAY got the soul and other stuff, if u didn't than just play the game and u will get it, i started 1 week before the event finish date and i still got it to 30%. This game sucks when u are a new player and u don't have friends playing it, u can't do dungeons/weeklies/BT/whatever, they're trying to help them in some ways, what if they give SoulShields or Badges? And like i said, everyone can have the pet transmuted, just play the game. And stop crying if u already have the pet on max stage, i have mine on the stage before ultimate and i'm not crying, isn't max stage but it's alot of pet pods invested anyway.
  8. Windows 10 has FTH? When i search about it i only see FTH on Windows 7.. Edit: I Think i found how on reddit thread about bns
  9. Am I the only one?

    I press 4 sometimes on weeklies and never ran out of the dungeon, just open your eyes and see where u go lol
  10. Regards !!!

    Then why we have a in-game macro and Nodah even makes videos about macros..
  11. This isnt fair

    No, you can only buy Hongmoon Coin but this is only for NCoin, if u don't have enough NCoin you'll need to charge your account with 5€
  12. [NEWS] Gift with Purchase Now Live

    I just bought it, i already had bought alot of stuff with NCoin, an NCoin is an NCoin, not method relatable and yes you can use already existing NCoins. Do like i did, try and see for yourself, no need to ask those questions tbh.
  13. Stop these bad events

    Horrible, horrible & horrible. 1 month to get only about 3/4 oils, i can get 2 or 3 oils in 1 week or less, useless event, crap transformation stuff, only below raven 6 is a bit worth, above it's null, Just stop with that, get some engineers and qualified people, not fisherman's, lmao.