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My costume design entry - "Lotus of Resolve"


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Hi everyone! My entry didn't make it into finalist, but would still like to share my entry - Lotus of Resolve-  with you guys along with some of my working process.

 I wanted to create an outfit set that would encompass the feeling of "gracefulness" yet also convey a determination of sorts. For the female design, the grace and beauty aspects were brought over, while adding some energy. The male has red as the dominant color, to showcase warmth and passion, as well as compliment the female's blue. Both share the lotus flower motif as it symbolizes purity of heart, and I sought to incorporate that into the concept.

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This is great work, its too bad it didn't make it to the finals. ;-;  I definitely feel that you were able to incorporate those concepts of grace and energy.

It's always cool to see artists design concepts, and I like that you added your thumbnail ideas too. Thanks for sharing this!

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