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  1. Costume contest.

    "A guy." Who? Tell us.
  2. Costume contest.

    When did Kindy specify in his reply that he knew Cubur in person? He is asking you to zoom in up close and observe the differences between the two concepts.
  3. Costume contest.

    Nobody is judging you, zero. This was never about popularity of artists. We were simply explaining our rationale as to why your reaction was uncalled for. Sure. you are free to express your opinions. But, not only did you fail to justify/elaborate on your rationale behind disliking the costumes ("making no sense at all", "seeing the same thing", "like other people on discord) but your responses just got all the more disrespectful instead. Oh, so its now about the vote count is it? Is that your real reason behind starting the thread? You are changing stances faster than any class in the game here.
  4. Costume contest.

    If you really wanna go into detail, the case of Shirogahara was a different matter altogether with extremely close to, or at, 100% duplicates of adornments and clothing style in his entry and that was what led to the mass suspicion in the first place. Coming to Cubur's entry, i fail to see how its "seriously close" to the reference image you posted. They share the same color scheme. Sure. But his adornment style is totally different. Both male and female aesthetics are also far enough away from the ref. The Cloak design is also different.
  5. Hi everyone! My entry didn't make it into finalist, but would still like to share my entry - Lotus of Resolve- with you guys along with some of my working process. I wanted to create an outfit set that would encompass the feeling of "gracefulness" yet also convey a determination of sorts. For the female design, the grace and beauty aspects were brought over, while adding some energy. The male has red as the dominant color, to showcase warmth and passion, as well as compliment the female's blue. Both share the lotus flower motif as it symbolizes purity of heart, and I sought to incorporate that into the concept.
  6. Costume contest.

    I sense a lot of salt from OP. You probably dont know the difference between taking from inspiration and straight up ripping off, or probably haven't drawn at all. The quality of this year's finalists, I would say, is a big step up from last years and kudos to NCWest for taking the time to pick worthy winners. Compare this, to the fiasco surrounding the grand winner and one of the finalists in 2017. My entries didn't make it in for last year and this year either but I am very happy for my friends who did. Artists like myself tend to spend a lot of time and effort to come up with a good piece. When in doubt, we will look for references to assist our drawing journey. There is no shame in doing so for you can't draw what you don't know. What is shameful is behavior coming from people like you, zero, that dont understand the struggles an artist go through. If you don't like something, turn away and move on instead of bashing the artists like this.
  7. Show off your costume design !!!

    Here's mine. I feel like im the only one that has green as the main color around here..
  8. Welp I didn't make it, but would still like to post up my entry for everyone to see. =) I opted to go for a more simplified and traditional look for this design while incorporating the themes of a "travelling warrior in green". While searching for motifs I could use, I came across the Mitsudomoe symbol, which is usually associated with the war deity Hachiman, but can also mean the cycle of life. I think it goes well with the harmony of the main green that the design has. To reflect on the rigors of travel, I incorporated some wear and tear in the design. This can be seen in the cloak and the cloth strip below the shoulder pauldron. The black innerwear is meant to act as an anchor for the colors so it just doesn’t float away. The red at the centerpiece of both male and female designs’ purpose is to draw attention to it, and also complements the greens as a whole.
  9. Maintenance is coming up, so feel free to huddle around here and talk about the upcoming stuff that's to happen. ( In summary we have Xmas events, new hardest dungeon ever, reduction in Legendary equipment mats needed for upgrade, Merchant of Wonders return...and a new interlude story arc. Keep things civil and fire away. Imo the Shadowless Defender outfit looks great, coming from Story Mode and all.
  10. My BNS artwork.

    Hi everyone, first time posting in the fan creations forum. To kick things off, here's my first BNS fanart of my Blademaster. Im still thinking what to do next.
  11. AP Recommendation For Upcoming Dungeon?

    Oh, a fellow blade master! We have the same AP lels. Clair, for you, HP is enough..but consider increasing your accuracy to at least 115% (120% optimal) and your crit to 50% ish. i'd advise you to obtain a Hongmoon Energy Stage 1 if you can. Buy the three Broken Oathbreaker Sword pieces from the AH to make one. Or get Moonwater Soul if you arent able to afford yet.
  12. According to what Babbletron mentioned in the latest livestream, he says that if one were to do every story quest (plus the blues, i suppose) up till the completion of Act 6, one should at the very least be able to get to 50 HM 4 or something. If that's so this would be a pretty big increase. He did acknowledge players feedback saying the exp from story wasn't enough to get to 50 and there was plenty of perhaps unwanted grinding. The present situation is that completing Act 3 will get you to about 43-44 ish. Then some grinding needed to get to Lv 45. Then complete further quest up to the end of Act 4 will get you to around 48-ish. More grinding then to get to Lv 50. Looking forward to see how the changes are. Thoughts?
  13. Its times like this that you respond "learn to DODGE, ffs" *gets barrage of insults in turn* Ah well...
  14. The HongMoon duster adornment should be avaliable in the Dragon Express after this patch, I hope. And yes, the Training pouches will be darn useful.