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Few suggestions for Destro


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Destroyer's troubles and boring leveling is a very well known problem. It gets better as Shadow, but there are still two things that could get fixed:


( 0. Obviously, the default Element should be Shadow(the same for KFM and Fire) - Earth just leaves such a bad taste in the mouth. )

1. Hurricane and Typhoon - is there absolutely any reason why we get Hurricane so early instead of Typhoon? Typhoon would help Destroyers much more that Hurricane, especially during leveling and as a better first impression of the class.

2. Galeforce / Mighty Cleave - they arrive far too late. Level 35 is absolutely too late. If you ask me, I'd put them at 18 or 20. Again, better first impression and they're crucial for the rotations. No reason why to keep them as late as they are currently.


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