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  1. https://imgur.com/vkYN4qc With that said, Blade's still one of the leading NC games, but it seems that it's hemorrhaging somewhat uncomfortably. It has lost about 25% of its revenue in the last half a year. It can be turned around, but the question is how? What I'd personally focus are the problems as outlined in Korea AND bringing the West Blade and Soul to bear. Better servers, more interesting patches etc. Maybe even some special server(s) like Lineage opened them(afaik). What do you think?
  2. One another improvement I'd like to see is for us to be able to bind more than LMB / RMB. I'd like to bind these side buttons to stuff, but it doesn't let me(doesn't even register me pressing them). This would be quite something - to put mid tier / reflex skills on these(dodge skills and the like).
  3. While at it, why not change the places of Swift / Tiger Strike and Guiding Fist? What's a Dash doing on a DPS button(or vice versa)?
  4. Yes, mine is QWERTZ, not QWERTY. I believe it is German or something. I will do that, sometimes skills are arranged rather awkwardly(like KFM having his actual RMB on 2!).
  5. There is one little thing I'd want: Allow us to use Y instead of Z key for the Z move. I know why it is bound to Z(because American keyboards are zxcv), but this is so awkward on EU keyboards( yxcv ). Or at least allow thins on EU servers? Please?
  6. RMB spam is literally Frost SF. You use the regen / Tundra on Ele Stance then change to Martial Stance and just hold RMB until F is ready. Then, when you stack 5 charges of Chi, you use the VZV combo(potentially with a second cast of Tundra as well). I wouldn't say it's as effective as Earth SF though. Earth is RMB F ani cancel. I'm a bigger fan of LMB RMB(or RMB LMB / whatever) F, but you don't really need LMB. It just feels better. So, go Frost.
  7. Destroyer's troubles and boring leveling is a very well known problem. It gets better as Shadow, but there are still two things that could get fixed: ( 0. Obviously, the default Element should be Shadow(the same for KFM and Fire) - Earth just leaves such a bad taste in the mouth. ) 1. Hurricane and Typhoon - is there absolutely any reason why we get Hurricane so early instead of Typhoon? Typhoon would help Destroyers much more that Hurricane, especially during leveling and as a better first impression of the class. 2. Galeforce / Mighty Cleave - they arrive far too late.
  8. I wouldn't be so dramatical. Don't know about NC West(honestly, they seem very inept - at least from server / routing / optimization side), but BnS is doing FINE: https://mmopulse.com/news/ncsoft-q1-2018-earnings-report-shows-blade-soul-as-strongest-non-mobile-mmo-while-aion-sales-increase Sure, it is in downward trend, but even then, it's their number one game. We'll see how the Q2 will look like.
  9. I'd like to bind various skills to various keys as well. BUT! I'd add in that you must use the currently present keys. My current beef is with something a la Kung Fu Master. The way his keys are setup is almost farcical. The "spam" / main dps move is often on RMB, yes? Well, not on KFM! A DASH, of all the skills, is the default RMB for KFM. I mean, yeah, I can rebind sure, but what kind of key binding is this. 1 and 2 are often Dashes and RMB is often your DPS button. Some structure perhaps? But if I could have it my way, I'd have LMB + RMB + side buttons(instead of Q / E), 1 - 4 a
  10. They SEEM better, so people stick - people are rather easy to impress and not a lot of them are willing to go slowly and create and try EACH CLASS(like I've). But let's go more slowly. 24 hours and that is with no fun rush method. But ok. Let's say that an average person plays 3h / day. That is a FULL WEEK of HAVING A NETTLE / BURR UP YOUR BUTT! Would you volunteer for even a day of that? Because I wouldn't, why would I? Again, a FULL WEEK while you could be having fun with another class / in another game. Besides, if the story is supposed to be a tutorial(it's not, yet another of
  11. No, you're wrong and I've heard enough of such crap. Let me put you into place: Class = Leveling + Endgame Where what most to what the new player is exposed is the Leveling part. Hence, why there is so few (Earth) Destros or Wind KFMs. Because people lose the will to play by 25 and I'm talking modern fast leveling. Ask yourself, why almost everyone uses Frost Warlock for leveling or Shadow Destro or Fire KFM. And often stay that. The error you're making is as thus: Class = Endgame. Which is silly, otherwise there'd be MUCH MORE KFMs and Destros.
  12. Yeah, that's why I took to using imo and such phrases. Maybe I forgot to put it? Still, playing incomplete and almost completely single target Earth Des / Wind KFM / Shadow Lock / Fire GS while you can play much more responsive and fun and even AoE worthy specs at that moment is...silly imo. Things take needlessly long. Plus, Shadow GS IS more responsive / dynamic to play than RNG Fire GS. There's almost no denying it. Fire is "spam RMB...PROC! TIME FOR DAMAGE!" while Shadow is "spam RMB while weaving a lot of other attacks in, causing all sorts of effects - buffs, debuffs, AoE etc
  13. A word of advice though. Even though you'll be geared up the wazoo during leveling(mostly) and overleveled(again, mostly), not all classes are equally fun. I'll try to breakdown every one: Assassin: Assassin's just fine. You zap around like some kind of a Lightning bolt and are equally as deadly in a Single Target. AoE is problematic though. Beyond Breath, I don't think there's anything Sin can do in AoE situation. And while Breath's good, it's not really Execute, is it? Blade Master: Blade Master blooms rather early and you simply get more details and more fun options
  14. One further thing to add is that where the Fire is bursty, it's also quite unreliable because if the Triple Threat doesn't proc enough, your dps will tank. Shadow, otoh, has lower ceiling, but it also has higher floor, so it ends up as more stable and equal dps in the long run. Shadow is also much more dynamic and fun to play. And Shadow's very reliable, where Fire works as it wants to.
  15. I understand about the clip fest. It's kinda similar to Yun hands. Nobody specified that it was both Female and Idle Gon. Now I know, thank you. As for Male...they are workable. Though the hands are rather big, but it's ok. On average it's just ok imo. With that said, Jinwong(Destroyer Master in Judgment Cave) even looks like a first neighbor of Fred Flintstone, does he not? Really Neanderthal. lol I prefer more Mongolic and sleeker looks for Gon like Taywong(KFM Master).
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