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  1. RIP story substance.

    Yeah they removed Shadowstrike daily quest in Yaheira's Mirage it's unacceptable. As for other blue quests yeah we lost a bit story content but lot of those characters weren't that important. Obsidian Serpet outfit dropped in Yaheira's Mirage daily was.
  2. Story is so bad it hurts <Spoilers>

    They should just make and act where MC uses ancient naryu devise to come back in time before Mushin killed Jiwon so you can own his sorry ass and just be badass as hell. Now that would be something. An act where MC is just untouchable killing machine trampling his enemies left and right with wide smile. For once not being punching bag but doing the punching. Cause right now for a great hero he's total pushover. MC keeps faling into a traps, after traps and more traps even tough you can tell it's trap from amile away. Seriously it's beyond annoying. To the point it would be better to not have story quests. And before someone says it's not hongmoon style, it's totally hongmoon style. You are suppsed to do good, and killing bad guys is doing good. Letting them live is doing evil. So following hongmoon MC should kill all enemies, not get betrayed by them, punched, folled, betrayed again. Same was with mushin legancy quest in cinderlands. There was time to cut Lusong head and then use legacy to save Yunhwa, it takes like what? Not even second. One doesn't exclude other, but do. Our MC need to be pushover.
  3. I generally enjoy that they removed most blue quests, but it's true as well that game world feels way more bare now that it felt when i had to do this blue quests way in the back. I might not want to get all blue quests back , BUT SHADOWSTRIKE NEEDS TO BE BACK. It's drops one of best costumes i always used till i could farm Ghost in the Shell. So yeah maybe not all quests back but this one is must have.
  4. Story is so bad it hurts <Spoilers>

    That's why there is <SPOILER> tag in the title. As for Mushin being bad they would believe. Who would you believe? Guy who saved world now or some guy who saved world in tales long ago. Anyways even from MC point of view loosing so many times should made him paranoid and be prepared for battle always. I still think that MC lack of vigillance and preparation is illogical and annoying. Ebons were going in and out as they liked even tough in story there were formations that sealed teleports. Why not use it and problem solved, block palace , school , yun city before rital and no reinforcements warps in. Add some offensive formations and enemies entering in asking for death. They could easily made that Jin soul retrival rital a trap and use it to sunff all traitors. At least i would do cause previous experiences shows the enemy always appears wen you think you won. If they didn't appear Jin soul would be retrived and all good but if they showed we would have nice dead enemies and we could continue with ritaual again and then return to manhunt for enemies. After all it's pacifist way to yearn for peace. And when it greater peace than when all enemies are dead.
  5. The story mode it tragic. At first it was still bearable, but it gets sough since cinderlands. First who not just kill Yonkai at 1st meeting. Problem solved. Next when we defeated Lusong there was still time to kill him and then give Yunwa that mushin legacy. Later it gets only worse. When Yusong was looking for Yunwa why not just tell him Mushin got her. After defeating Jinsoyun why not just call Mushin traitor and leader of Ebon Cult and turn him into public enemy = manhunt. But no that would be logical thing to do so our wimpy MC won't do it. Next, MC broke through on higher lv when fighting Jin but wimpy Zulia still owns him? Like seriously? Then he trust pirate that is obviously filled with wish to revive dead wife? *facepalm* It was screeming traitor for mile. Would it kill MC to say to allow only his disciples to enter and not allow pirates in. Set defensive formation during soul retrival ritual, killing formation, trapping formation and purrifying formation just in case {cause in the past MC was owned mant times when everything supposed to be ok, so one would learn normally to be careful but seems being braindead takes priority}. So when mushin showed up he would end up insta killed for stupidity. But no MC must stay idiot. Foreshadows big as the mountain yet he/she remains blind and can't learn nothing from all the beating he/she took till now. And in KR patch we don't have yet it get's even worse. Even that weakling RYU is able to defeat MC....WTF. Not mentioning from all student only Jin is left all else dies in stupid way. Would it kill em to make proper story. I could write better helf asleep and at least MC wouldn't be such idiot and worthless wimp that everybody trash around. Gameplay is good but story hurts.
  6. Doesn't matter really Eu servers laggs so much in the evening that any form of playing is sick joke. So every class will be equally shitty. As for Destroyer it's totally badass class. Lot of high ranked destroyers in Korea and China [espacially now when skill trees were reworked].
  7. What king of esport can be done on those lagy servers? Unless they fix servers stability [very high packed loss as it was proven in over 10 threads already] any sort of esport is joke.
  8. arena lag on EU?

    Problem isn't ping, it's packets lost in transfer. As Alashya linked NCSOFT servers loose insane amount of packets during transfer. That basically means some of commands you send to the server and informations that are send to you from server are lost. That's why you see this insane lag spikes. It's won't be better even if you had 0ms ping cause it's not latency issues, server just don't have information you send to it. NCSOFT skimped money on the project, took cheapies and crapies host for servers and that's the result. Good game is unplayable. Out to play Tera NA at least they have stable servers, even from europe.
  9. arena lag on EU?

    Dude Eu servers lags in the evening since beta. It's not only arena. Forum have tens of threads and complains about it, but NCSOFT anwser is that users have crappy net. Doesn't matter that their games are only ones to lag, that you have ping to LoL 20m and high speed light fibre. It's your fault always: Ncsoft policy. So don't bother. Game was lagging, is lagging and will be lagging. Just the same as bots runs rampart. Too bad they wasted nice game with shitty management.
  10. Nah, it's 100% NCSOFT fault. Cause EU servers are lagging like hell in the evening i've gone to play Tera NA. Yes i play NA version cause Gameforge is responsible for EU version and they killing game well. No comparasion to NA version. It was even worth leaving veteran account on EU. But regardless back to the topic. I can play Tera NA without lags from Europe on USA servers with 120 ping [it's not big deal you can't feel 120ms if servers are stable and don't loose packages] but i can't play BnS EU from EU? Seriously? Where's the logic in that? If my net was bad can you imagine lag i would have on US servers? I can play LoL, Tera NA, and other titles without lags but no BnS EU and no Wildstar EU, well they prolly use same hosting company cause both lags like hell in the evening. So don't be white knight and don't defend incompetence. Do something good or don't do it at all.
  11. Arena lag?

    So? Do you think they care. EU servers laggs like hell since launch every evening and night and they simply don't care. Even if you report it they will just say it's your fault. Doesn't matter if you have lightfibre connection and flawless 20ms ping in game like LoL it's still your connection it's shitty not their cheap, low spec servers they skimped money on.
  12. happens all the time but don't bother reporting. No matter what it's not them it's your fault. Even if you have NASA CPU and light fibre connection and don't lag in any other game it's still your fault. NCSOFT policy.
  13. Ok so i was playing arena 1 vs 1 on my lv 20 destroyer and got matched with lv 31 player. Ok, happens. 1st round i've destroyed the guy to the point he couldn't even walk stright. 2nd round he was already afraid and run away like headless chicked till time run out. He was left with 5% hp while i was at 70% and score decided i've lost. Next round he run away from the beginning but i've pressed him harder so he was left with 1% while time ended while i was 90% and guess what? Another loss. I ask WFT IS THAT? I've trampled guy who was 11 lv above me. That is all skills and 11 skill points more. Heck i don't even have all my skills at lv 20. I've destroyed the guy and it's his win. That system is blind or just stright up retarded. I've seen lot of bullshit but that one tops it all. Shouln't lower lv got more point for the *cricket*in fact that he doesn't have all skills let alone having more hp at the end of fight? Normally those whith more hp at time up wins, but here for some unknown reason we have that bullshit broken score system. The one who came up with this idea was genius retard of matchless proportion.
  14. so many FPS drops in big fights, just me?

    Well i ahve only 1 big problem with this game and that is Wild Springs EU server laggs like hell and every maintenance makes it more broken. With this long quoe timers it was actually running flawless so i'm guessing they *cricket*ed server somewhere wile fixing quoe or just server is overloaded which only proves their incopetence.
  15. B&S: What is not working for PVE

    What doesn't work most are servers. Wild Spring Eu server laggs as hell . Game is unplayable unless you are such fan boy that laggs doesn't bother you, as for me from action game i require stable, laggless servers which this game doesn't deliver.