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  1. Yeah they removed Shadowstrike daily quest in Yaheira's Mirage it's unacceptable. As for other blue quests yeah we lost a bit story content but lot of those characters weren't that important. Obsidian Serpet outfit dropped in Yaheira's Mirage daily was.
  2. They should just make and act where MC uses ancient naryu devise to come back in time before Mushin killed Jiwon so you can own his sorry ass and just be badass as hell. Now that would be something. An act where MC is just untouchable killing machine trampling his enemies left and right with wide smile. For once not being punching bag but doing the punching. Cause right now for a great hero he's total pushover. MC keeps faling into a traps, after traps and more traps even tough you can tell it's trap from amile away. Seriously it's beyond annoying. To the point it would be better to not have s
  3. I generally enjoy that they removed most blue quests, but it's true as well that game world feels way more bare now that it felt when i had to do this blue quests way in the back. I might not want to get all blue quests back , BUT SHADOWSTRIKE NEEDS TO BE BACK. It's drops one of best costumes i always used till i could farm Ghost in the Shell. So yeah maybe not all quests back but this one is must have.
  4. That's why there is <SPOILER> tag in the title. As for Mushin being bad they would believe. Who would you believe? Guy who saved world now or some guy who saved world in tales long ago. Anyways even from MC point of view loosing so many times should made him paranoid and be prepared for battle always. I still think that MC lack of vigillance and preparation is illogical and annoying. Ebons were going in and out as they liked even tough in story there were formations that sealed teleports. Why not use it and problem solved, block palace , school , yun city before rital and no
  5. The story mode it tragic. At first it was still bearable, but it gets sough since cinderlands. First who not just kill Yonkai at 1st meeting. Problem solved. Next when we defeated Lusong there was still time to kill him and then give Yunwa that mushin legacy. Later it gets only worse. When Yusong was looking for Yunwa why not just tell him Mushin got her. After defeating Jinsoyun why not just call Mushin traitor and leader of Ebon Cult and turn him into public enemy = manhunt. But no that would be logical thing to do so our wimpy MC won't do it. Next, MC broke through o
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