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Summoner Anklebiter


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The skill Anklebiter for Summoners is currently bugged. Prior to the current patch, if Anklebiter was used and missed a target entirely it immediately entered cooldown, that no longer happens and the second cast can still be activated. Additionally, before when Anklebiter did land there was a considerable grace period between the first and second cast, that period is no longer there and the skill goes into cooldown almost immediately after the first cast meaning the second cast must be used nearly instantly.


EDIT: here's a gif displaying the disparity in delay allowances. I've also timed the allowed delay between casts albeit with some degree of human error, currently a targeted casting allows for .8sec of delay before the second cast must happen or the skill goes into cooldown, while without a target there is a full 3 seconds of delay allowance (this is how the skill functioned with target prior to the current patch). Before this patch using Anklebiter without a target would simple put it into a single cast (18sec) cooldown.


GIF example: https://imgur.com/5PzMOCu

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Can be used up to 2 times

Cooldown is set to 30 sec on consecutive use

You can double your KD and then have a long CD (30 sec);

You can simple KD and then, if you wait for 1 sec, have the short CD (18 sec).

Nothing to do with missed target or something like this. It's for the HM Anklebiter only.

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