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✿✿Commissions gold Open✿✿ zulia


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♥ Hi all and welcome to my Little art shop~! (づ。◕ ‿‿ ◕。)づ
✿✿♥ My server are zulia ♥✿✿

♥ Only Females  chibi Style

♥♥Price: 1100 Gold♥♥

♥♥Examples chibis :♥♥ 



♥ Portraits style  ( Soft color )


♥♥Price: 1200 Gold♥♥




♥Please provide screens of the back, front, and both sides!
♥I'm okay with drawing weapons, but they are 100-500 gold extra! (depending on complexity)

♥ Im okay with drawing cats of summoner , but they are 100-500 gold extra! (depending on complexity

♥Payment has to be done first.
♥I'm okay with showing WIPs!
♥I will send you the artwork as soon as I finished it! (I need about 3 days to 2-3 week) ( this depends on the amount of work )

✿ Please pm me with this form: ✿
✿How many characters?:
✿Character ref: (front, back and sides)
✿Weapon ref: (if you want me to draw a weapon)

✿ Cat ref (if you want me to draw a weapon)

♥♥ Rulers ♥♥
♥ Do not send payment before I have approved your request
♥ Payment up front, no refund once I have started the art
♥ Estimated time for commission completion 1 day to 1 week (If you order more complex art, it will always take longer to finish)
♥ You will receive a clear backgroundless PNG image, I will upload a watermarked version of your commission to my dA and other social medias and on these forums
♥ Do not ever use my art for commercial purposes
♥ If you upload the art to some of your sites, please credit me for the art and use some watermark (either mine or yours)

✿ Contact ✿
♥ Here
♥ DA: https://nyu-artsu.deviantart.com/ 
♥ Game: Fair.Kyo / Sweetnyu ( zulia )
♥ others: Nyu.artshop@gmail.com / instragram: Nyuartsu twitter: Senpaikio
☆ Slost ☆

all open 

☆☆ to do list ☆☆
✿✿ https://sta.sh/01nhcak1ewjr ✿✿
( I decided to put my list in deviantart, in the I can edit it as many times as I want without deleting my post )


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