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  1. hey there, here's my commission shop if you're interested: more art examples on my twitter sunshowerart! i can work with any budget just let me know <3
  2. sketching a Jin + my costume design entry! my pen pressure died digitally lol
  3. your art is so beautiful! im a new player so i dont have much gold, but i wish you luck with the commissions! <3
  4. hiya! i'm opening up art commissions for blade and soul characters (or any characters actually, OCs are cool too) payment will be in gold <3 i have RL cash options but they're not available on this forum, you'll have to contact me on twitter (pm me) so again, ONLY GOLD AS PAYMENT! i have no idea how to price these so i'll say it's PWYW and i'll draw you something depending on how much you pay me! if you're paying less than 1000 gold it'll probably be sketchier and/or a chibi but i'm fine with whatever price you're willing to pay. don't expect something fancy and full color th
  5. trying to figure out how to draw my BnS character... hmmmm. definitely gonna have to keep practicing edit: finished some chibis and they look a lot better <3
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