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Enchanting Widow Face accessories


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So I just finished contacting NC Soft: I reported to them that the Enchanting Temptress Mask, Cobalt Striped Blindfold, and the Cobalt Studded Blindfold do not drop at all  in Nightshade harbor (or Bloodshade harbor as the mouseover claims). They replied that it was not a bug and that they do drop....So at a very low rate? I mean the Zen Bean merchant has the full set of the Bloodshade harbor widow set, yet it doesn't have the Full set for the Enchanting widow, it just has the outfits. Not once has anyone ever owned these accessories nor does the merchant show that it even exists. When I farm Nightshade harbor, the chest doesn't even say it drops, it just shows the outfit tickets. PLUS the dungeons themselves (Both Nightshade and Bloodshade) do not say they drop. It's kind of weird that the team members only said it's a random drop chance yet there's no physical existence of the accessories besides the showroom in f3. 

I guess this post is just to try to get the admin's attention on how to actually make these accessories accessible. 

I suggest putting them in the achievement merchant or something. Does anyone else have any ideas?

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