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gear locked bg

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bg should be gear locked so people with pve weapons/gear can't join them at all, this is honestly ridicilous, the matchmaking is garbage anyway but whatever, at least if you have people with infused pvp ss and ascendant weapons they can maybe do something, when i see raven(god forbig its baleful) in 6v6 and non infused ss/pve accesories i just know its gonna be a competition of "who has more free food in the team". the only thing they are usefull for is the enemy making a mistake and using a cc on them, most of these people are so bad they cant even waste a tab escape of the enemy anyway so what are they there for?

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They can try it out and see if it's fun enough to invest time and gold into getting actual PvP gear.


The real problem is the too small spread of elo rankings, matching people with vastly different power levels together.


I never got this "exclude all players that are weaker than me" rages. If every players stronger than another did that and got his wish, in the end BG would be empty and everyone silver rank again.


My position is that if you deserve your rank, you also know how to carry a team. And on the rare occasion when I am the weakest in my team, I have the responsibility to survive and CC and stall and blue buff, so my team can win. No player needs to be useless in BG, at any level of gear.

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