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Updating problem.


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Hello, currently i have a problem. I waited 20~35 minutes for it to update and now it "verifying" but its taking a less MB/s then it was updating, currently i have been running it for 35 minutes and it is as a solid 30%........ Im not big into Blade N Soul and i have other MMORPG's on my list if i dont like blade N soul (Took a break due to life) so please lmk asap because in maybe 10~15 mins if i cant find any more info online (Which people complain but seem 0 solution) im just going to delete it and move on.


Here is what iv tried,

Properties -> Read Me

DNS flush Windows 10

I tried to fix Target but its way difference overall(Old post)

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Update... Stoped since now its just trolling me...  It jumps to a "decent Mb/s" to "Low decent Mb/s", Basically saying 15mins to 35mins and % overall staying the same. Constantly running ping test and its the same overall, so either my internet is just pure BS for this game or its a patch issue of some sort.

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