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F11 ranking: separate the PvE ranking by element builds

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For some classes, an element may simply pull ahead of another because it is more burst-oriented, allowing it to score much higher ranking in F11 PvE contents.


For example, Wind Summoner can easily get the highest ranks in Outlaw Island, cuz it is very bursty, compared to Earth which is more about sustainable damage. Such burst allows Wind Summoner to benefit greatly from multi-reset tricks with reset pots, 4-stack Aransu/Raven, Dragonforged/Ascendant, and long-cooldown soul buff of Transcendence/Dragon.


So, if you happen to choose a "wrong" build, no matter how geared you are, you cannot pull the better result than the "right" build.


I think it is better to separate the ranking of PvE content for both element builds, and the player will only get reward for only one build with better ranking. so there will be no "wrong build" for PvE contents.


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