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Animations not displaying

Kasumi Rose

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Sometimes, when my character gets put into a Restrain move, the animation for the Restrain doesn't actually show up; instead, my character either remains standing on the ground frozen until the move is over, or my character hovers around in a frozen fighting-stance.


Here are a few mediocre examples of this happening (the first one might be a write-off if this is how the animation is supposed to look, but the rest are valid for sure):

Whenever Asura pulls all the players toward him in the Snow Fortress raid, I can't see the actual grab animation for any of the characters. They all just slide toward him, stand there frozen in fighter-stance for a moment, then they suddenly end up in the knocked-down animation, getting up. This sort of thing happens a lot to me. Even in PVP, sometimes if I'm grabbed, I remain in the fighting stance instead of actually going into the proper animation. I even T-pose pretty reliably when I deflect attacks if the enemy resists the deflect.


I'm pretty sure the reason the animations aren't showing up is due to ping/lag issues since I run my game on high settings, so I'm really hoping it gets fixed when this game moves to the new engine, but... xD


...does anyone else have these problems? Or are you all smart enough to not run your game on max settings even after animations start breaking? xP (Because again, I'm pretty sure that's the cause of it.)

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