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Bugged search field in Received Items


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I saw Royal Rebel in one of the Daily Specials, so I checked my Received Items to see if I had it or not. I could've sworn I had at least one, so I tried searching.



That's weird, so I do a search the long way, and it turns out I do have it.



But when I searched for a different costume, it found it just fine.



I know I didn't spell the name wrong. I even capitalized the first letter, and yet the search claimed that it couldn't find anything with the word "Royal" in it. However, when I searched for the Millenium outfit, it found it just fine when typing only part of the name. It did the same thing when I was searching for the Yunma hair costume. When I typed just "yun", the only items that came up were the Yunsang beads.


Am I the only one with this issue?

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