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Simple mode/ some random bugs


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ok bugs i know of right now
does not follow a proper rotation of lmb rmb it more goes like lmb rmb rmb lmb rmb  while with rage/soulburn when lmb chances to wrath the rotation seems to go properly smooth

Force Master
a week or so ago the simple mode was not letting you cast dual dragons nor casting it itself after one of the maints it started casting it BUT instead of that it doesnt cast rmb at all 
even tho all of the rotation displays (on hit or on use) it does not use 1(to get burn effect and instant cast x) v is being casted on use but should on more logical rotation be used if target has burn effect (for spells own synergy and badge) 

the base rotation of rmb 4 f is understandable but it should do 4 rmb (if 4 of cd cast 4 again) instead of doing f which makes later gear completly nonsence if you don't disable the skill itself 
and a huge bug on it is that f itself doesn't work properly when hit with 5 poison stacks it still reduces 4 by 3 seconds instead of 6

im not sure if its a bug or not but shadow rotation is really really slow
Uses v only after leech cast 
the logic on casting 2 is really strange

for now only this on simple mode 

Ransacked Treasury bug that happened to me yesterday is that last boss after doing his 3 jumps didn't jump to his original platform and instead jumped to the side of the map which caused a wipe of party 
not sure how it happened but if possible check some errors out 

Sandstorm Temple bug that happened multiple times where after pulling one of the marks and opening cc bars boss either does not register stuns and wipes the party or almost instantly closes them which of course  wipes the party

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