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Possible fix for error E02017 on NCLauncher

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Leaving this here since older posts didn't really help. Changing the SATA cable connected to my SSD as well as changing the port where you connect it on the motherboard fixed it for me.




This happened to me when I tried to download updates from the launcher. It would check the files, create the $Patch$ folder to download them, and then I'd see the download speed decreasing until it stopped downloading and it showed me the error message.

The official suggestion from the BnS support site is to close the Client.exe process, however BnS was not open. No other process was using the patch files.


I then moved my ssd from my desktop to my laptop just to test it, and there I got no errors. Moved it back to PC, E02017 again. After changing the cable and port, it worked.

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