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Raid elixir: need a conversion option and some other suggestions

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You know about those raid elixir that gives your some raid-exclusive buff to tackle serious raid contents? The one that you can currently get from completing weekly challenges.


They also have variants from previous Thanksgiving and Halloween events. A total of 9 inventory slots, if you possess all variants.


Since they all do exactly the same thing and having a lot variants are just a waste of precious inventory slots, I think it is better to have antique options for Thanksgiving and Halloween food to turn them into respective raid elixirs.


Also, I think raid elixir should be able to use for basic raid too. Would help a lot for those new players to have some little oopmh, and it helps to consume these elixir fasts (I still have like 1,300 of them thanks to thanksgiving event)


Next, the cooldown should be removed, because if you accidentally eat the wrong one (especially threat elixir), the only way to fix it is either leaving the raid or kill yourself.

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