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Game closes on start-up !!HELP!!

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The logo shows up and then the game just closes for no reason. Nothing seems to help it at all.


Fixes tried so far (not in any specific order): 

- running as admin

- file repair

- compatibility settings

- deleting x64 client

- deleting GameGuard

- running x32 client

- BnS Buddy loading screen fix

- disabling services


Any other ideas? I want to play with my friend : (


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I'm sorry that none of this worked for the OP.  However, for anyone else viewing this topic...


After I applied the Windows Update (version 1803 or w/e), I couldn't launch BnS (64-bit mode).  It kept failing and leaving that light gray widget on the screen.  So I clicked the "Settings" link on that widget, selected the option to run the game in 32-bit mode, and relaunched.  Now it works for me.

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