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Uninstalling game


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So i am uninstalling this game and leaving it for good because of the fked up new patch, unoptimized 64 bit client and money milking mechanics. What game would be a better replacement? BDO or should I just wait for steam Bless Online? I really liked BnS gameplay and story the only and most major bad side of it is it's tailored for whales nowadays so sad.

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First of all, no one cares.

Second, I will never understand why people ask for other games here.


Do you want to grind? sure, go BDO. Wanna play BnS with fancier graphics and better towns with the most ridiculous classes and help me god (and that's big because i'm an atheist) with EVEN WORST skills? sure, go Bless Online.


Just remember, enjoy the game. The time you keep whining is the same time you could spend doing something fun with FRIENDS or do some dungeons/raids or farm.

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