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  1. youtube -> blade and soul twilight temple final boss Everyone there should have end game or almost end game gear. Have fun.
  2. I'm not even bother looking for similar posts. I'm not. This has been in the game since ever. Boss start to make an AoE attack and if you're not the the other room you'll be hit. Those close calls from the AoE attack don't work, if boss has more range, change the colored areas. Specificaly the first boss in HH, that's a pain. Please fix that. Thanks
  3. And how about the sealed mats you need to craft items to upgrade your gear? That's not a smart move. If he needs gold, probably need those materials too. So, long story short: he will sell those mats now and in the future he will pay a lot more for the items already crafted. Nope, that's not how you make money. You need to see the big picture in long terms, not in the next few days.
  4. Escape -> Leave dungeon -> Repair weapon -> Enter Dungeon -> be flammed by the whole party -> Continue Dungeon Back in the days, people used to do that a lot in Bloodshade Harbor
  5. Hardmode dungeons, weeklies, marketplace. And if you have godly patience: Mushin Tower and Outlaw Island and some of the hardest normal mode dungeons
  6. Dude, youtube -> blade and soul classes review. Choose. ...if only real life was that easy
  7. First of all, no one cares. Second, I will never understand why people ask for other games here. Do you want to grind? sure, go BDO. Wanna play BnS with fancier graphics and better towns with the most ridiculous classes and help me god (and that's big because i'm an atheist) with EVEN WORST skills? sure, go Bless Online. Just remember, enjoy the game. The time you keep whining is the same time you could spend doing something fun with FRIENDS or do some dungeons/raids or farm.
  8. You need the Hongmoon skill to double cast inferno. What happened to you before, probably, sometimes when you attack all cooldowns are reseted. Fleeting Astral Soul you should read on website the last update. All the info there.
  9. Dude, stop dreaming. I have 1080 Ti and 8700k and can't run 120 fps.
  10. If you want a house go play the sims =|
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