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A returned newbie


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So... whats up. I come back to play after a very long time off.


Ik if its the correct section so... nvm


I let my BM for almost a year, the last time when i play was on the patch that the galaxy was updated. 


The only interesting thing that i let was the baleful (stage1) now thst its kinda bad xD, my jewels was bad, mostly siren. Snd the Soul shield a few leg pvp and on pve its naryu+be ido+naksun.


SO, why i tell this, well, i will be so gratfull if u guys could guide me, since there are nt too mu h site where i could find clear info.


Some guys told me that some eqs are salvage and the game give u an actualize staff, and th3 history also give u things so, the questions


I continue upgrading the jewels or its something more worth on the main quest.

Fuction of the jewel system

What soul shield are more meta for BM (or general xD)


Pd: im 50 hm7 xD



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Welcome back then ;)


Ok, lets see where to start... 

first, just a terminology thing... When you say "jewels" you probably mean accessorie like necklace/bracelet and so on, right? because we got something called jewels and it will be confusing using it both ways ;)


Then for your old stuff... it really depends how far you progressed with your old accessories... wear them for now (you probably don't get better stuff from the story, depending on where you are with upgrading), and when you get something better, store them. What you can do is salvage these old accessories (when they are max) and get stones to upgrade your legendary accesories. If it is worth or not really depends on how much you need to upgrade with the old one, so you kinda need to do the  math yourself ;) but no hurry, if in doubt just store them.


For progression.... You get gifted so much from the story right now. So just continue the story, you get a pet stage 1, a seolak soul (equals stage 3 soul, upgradable), a penguin skin, the msp/longgui soul shield (first legendary one), some gems (squares, but still, depending on what you got), the legendary weapon stage 1 and some other stuff. Depending on what you got not all will be usefull, but you definitly want the soul shield. After you finished the story, you can do a quest which involes doing all weekly mini raids (they are rather easy), and you get 3 pieces from the next legendary soul shield (I do not know if bm do mix them, sorry)

For your weapon, if you do not have 6 slots, go to jadestone/grand harvest and purchase from the npc vendor baleful weapon chests (for 5 naryu silver), till you get 6 slots. Only upgrade if you got 6 slots.

For accesorie progression, you want the purple elemental ring/earring, which drop in desolate tomb and naryu sanctum. Then you want (in that imporance) bracelet (sanctum) - necklace (tomb) - belt (naryu foundry). Again, a quest helps you out there... these 3 accessories are legendary ones, so they can be purchased with draken cores at the achievment vendor in zaiwei. Draken cores are aqquired by running citadel to... sanctum? (maybe higher, doesn't matter for the beginning) or through a quest you get after finishing the story (the dead never die). It requires you to run ebondrake citadel to naryu foundry and 16. floor of mushin tower. It gives you 250 tokes, one accessorie costs 200, so you get one free ;)


these are just some general directions and things not to miss, feel free to ask further questions of something is unclear

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Like i say, i let the jewels (necklace, bracelet, ring, earring, etc) on the siren ones, mostly cause i didn't see the need on that.


So the leg jewels are directly farmed, almost the easiest way


My baleful is useless and i have to do another one


And i don't need to care about the soul shields cause i get ones through the main quest.


I get it right?.



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Again, necklace/bracelet etc are accessories, jewels are the little yellow/orange stones you use to upgrade them ;)


The rest is right, just mind that you can only buy the baleful weapon after you finished act 6/started act 7 (where get one gifted). As for the old accessories... I started right when they were removed, so I don't know the names ;) Just wear them for now till you get something better and store them after that to be safe.

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