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Sanctum Move 3 Does not work properly.


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Warlocks Sanctum Move 3: The non-targeting skills does not function correctly in ToI and BG. This is particular obvious when you fight the summoner and blade dancer. When fighting the summoner the second the cat gets in range of you. Even when you have Sanctum down. The cat just runs right in there ignore the skill altogether. The blade dancer will grab you out of Sanctum like its not even there as well.

This wasn't a issue prior the update with the Automaton where now referring back to the summoner. When you dropped Sanctum. The cat would just sit there waiting cuz it couldn't target you. The Blade Dancer would just stand there letting you hit it and spinning without doing other skills cuz they couldn't target you while in Sanctum-Move 3. Pretty sure the skill is bugged otherwise, if this was intended (which I highly doubt it). There was no notification of the changes to this skill. And it is practically useless to have.

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