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  1. Thrall Bug in ToI

    I keep it short and simple. While in ToI fighting. When i use the thralls Onrush to stun the enemy it follows up with its aerial attack. Problem is it does the animation, the target does not go in the air at all. Just stay on the ground in the cc state.
  2. You're still not getting it regardless... how much you beg them. I'd rather get a patch that works, not something that's just gonna make me log back off cuz it's broken/ bugged. These post people repeatedly keep posting about wanting the Awakening Skills early is getting pointless.... If it's delayed so be it.... Nobody has to post anything valid to bugs when it was stated directly here:
  3. Yeah this game needs a item purge during maintenance as there are items in the store/ marketplace, that do not serve a purpose for anyone and are just taken up space... but thanks for the heads up. Viewers discretion is advised. Can't complain when the warning is there though.
  4. ^ Indeed Sanctum Move 3 and our escape skill 2 doesn't do ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ for Immunity for targeting towards Enemies in ToI. BM instantly atk the second i press 2 escape and connect a atk ignoring the 2 second non targeting, and Summoners cats ignore the Sanctum Move 3 non targeting.... Try again after reading that on skill that don't work lol
  5. And that still doesn't explain how cutting gold from dungeons or how we get it from loot boxes... help new player's catch up. Putting lunar flowers in dungeons that shouldn't be there when nobody needs them at high end dungeons. Getting gems only from events and from f5 with powders (which have there prices increasing by the day). If this game is tailoring towards the new player base. They have a ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ poor way of showing it. I'm a veteran player of the game and that last update with the dungeon nerf was a hit for all of us. Whale or no whale, you not making gold by normal means now, because they took it away from us. You either swiping or hoping a leg (legendary) item in a dungeon drops... And some WHALE bids on it. As far as feedback goes. The last time we actually heard something decent about feedback was when they said they would put outfits we would like to see in the store. And that's not saying a lot cuz we still have to swipe and/or sell gold to get HM Coins to get said item. Can't do that when we got gold nerfs and limited ways to get gold now. I literally do dailies and log back off now cuz there no reason to farm a dungeon when you got no motive knowing the gold isn't there anymore. I bet nothing is gonna be done about it when that stream comes out too, so I don't blame the OP for not waiting. Waiting for more disappointment that's for certain....
  6. i am fed up with mechs

    Just like anyone else has said it. Nobody is making you do anything. If you don't like it, play a different game. Mechs are needed to make the game challenging otherwise the game wouldn't be worth playing if all we had to do is dps everything down everytime.
  7. Should We Developing a New Class?

    Yun imo would be great for Archer class if they did ever make one.
  8. When will you finally fix tower of infinity?

    Thank you someone else noticed this as well. I posted something about this in the bug reports a little while ago saying the same thing.
  9. VT 8 set for shadow

    Right a cd on Helix??? At least change that crap to something useful for us shadow users...
  10. Warlocks Sanctum Move 3: The non-targeting skills does not function correctly in ToI and BG. This is particular obvious when you fight the summoner and blade dancer. When fighting the summoner the second the cat gets in range of you. Even when you have Sanctum down. The cat just runs right in there ignore the skill altogether. The blade dancer will grab you out of Sanctum like its not even there as well. This wasn't a issue prior the update with the Automaton where now referring back to the summoner. When you dropped Sanctum. The cat would just sit there waiting cuz it couldn't target you. The Blade Dancer would just stand there letting you hit it and spinning without doing other skills cuz they couldn't target you while in Sanctum-Move 3. Pretty sure the skill is bugged otherwise, if this was intended (which I highly doubt it). There was no notification of the changes to this skill. And it is practically useless to have.
  11. Opened weapon chest in Ransacked Treasury and got this instead: It gave me a weapon from DD Numok Razor rather then whatever is suppose to come out of the Amara Weapn chest.
  12. People Afkin in Lair? Report them

    For any dungeon this applies to. IF it bothers you that bad someone afking (for whatever reason) solo that crap. In this case Lair is highly solo'able... I personally don't let that get to me. Unless all 6 (or 12) people are needed for the dungeon. It gonna get finished with or without that person help. As for afker's at least say something and you wont get on someone bad side. I got people I will not go into parties with cuz they refuse to do anything but leech. And people will remember you for it and give you a bad rep for it if you continue to do it.
  13. Rush Stun final DD boss

    If WL's can' t do it that's a problem. I can easily get off 3 stuns on the boss by using thralls Onrush skill, switch spot with thrall and then do my own. The only time I can't get my 3rd stun off is when a BM iframes and it doesn't leave me in a cc state (so I can switch spots with thrall)
  14. To answer your question.... more bugs (Thrall Bug my personal favorite still) and glitches :)
  15. While you on the subject of blocking someone. If you kick them out the party (because you have them blocked) they shouldn't be able to join for 1min. You have some people even after you ask them nicely to leave, or if they don't meet the requirements and you kick them. They keep spam joining. Eventually causing other people to leave the party. This is highly annoying and something needs to be done about it at some point.