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Very low FPS


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So, when I first installed the game, everything went smoothly. The second time I logged into the game, I noticed the FPS stuck at 12. This happens from the moment the game loads (when you click the 6-pin password), and it stays at 7-12 FPS.

I have 8GB RAM, FX-6300, AMD R7 265, Windows 10

I'm not on the highest settings, I've set it up to get 45+ FPS.

I tried File Repair, I have the latest AMD drivers, reinstalled DirectX, reinstalled XignCode, tried every compatibility setting, both on client.exe and the Launcher. GPU utilization goes up to 100%, it doesn't overheat, nor does the CPU. I've tried setting priority to high via task manager, tried using less cores via task manager (set affinity). I have Game DVR disabled. I also found a thread to disable something called FTH in the Registry Editor, I did it, didn't work. I tried using the 32bit client. Nothing works. The game is stuck at 7-12 FPS.

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