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Dynasty Mystic Trouble


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Hey everyone,


I'm having trouble with Dynasty Mystic Badge since i got it. My problem is that i can't anicancel properly with it,

as i'd usualy do with Pulse Mystic.


With VT Badge i can only do 1 anicancel or 1,5 each second instead of 2 cancel (dummy mushin tower). Wİth Pulse Mystic ofcourse 2.

My ping is hopping between 110 and 160 depending Server Status. I'm not sure which case but one has to be true.


Case 1 (Latency):

it's the 0,5 seconds of cooldown this badge has, added onto my ping.


Case 2 (Noobfilter):

it's just a matter of time till i get used to it. Having the badge since 4 or 5 weeks.


I have more DPS with Pulse Mystic btw (30k+(end dps ofc.)).

And I personally don't think it's case 2 for those facts i listed above.


So the only solution to solve this problem is, to have a better ping (provider, vpn, change living place)?

Stupid class and build i have chosen to not play properly with its VT Badge, sounds so weird.


Anyway, anyone else having the same trouble?


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