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Disconnected from the server


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Disconnected from server.

SystemErr - (1000: Disconnected from the server)

NetworkErr - (132)

WSALastErr - (10,053)


This occurs every 10-20 minutes and there seems to be nothing that triggers this message. I have a stable internet connection and I can play other multiplayer games just fine.

CPU 4770k

GPU Titan x

Ram 16GB

ISP Xfinity Comcast 80Mbps

Region Indiana (I play on NA Yura)

Game is installed on C Drive SSD

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It's been crashing for me and a lot of my clannies lately since the patch. I think I crashed a few times yesterday (normal for me, I play on laptop), and a couple people crashed back to back 3 or 4 times in one go (not normal for them, they play on nice desktop setups). File repair didn't help either. 


As a bonus, I got this wonderful popup after my second crash.


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