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  1. 1. As with any MMO that hasn't been just released or has had a major update, it's decreasing. 2. Probably... but it will have a fairly small player-base. 3. I don't have one main complaint, but rather a bunch of smaller nitpicks. There's a lot of things this game could improve on, but doesn't.
  2. It's designed to satisfy the masochists in the player-base, therefore it's working as intended.
  3. I got 2x wings, but no Emissary weapon... Sad times. :(
  4. It's impossible to get nothing, unless you reset your roll without claiming an item from it, or let it expire until the next day reset.
  5. This is the best login rewards have been. It's pretty decent, to be honest.
  6. Yura's Hair was from trove last year and was recently in F10.
  7. I'd love the Laid Back Hat. It's super cute on lyn female...
  8. You're very unlucky then. I'll always help those who bother to ask for it, and I've seen other players do the same (although the opposite in a lot of cases as well). But for new people who stay quiet or ignore advice given to them, there's nothing experienced players can do for them. I've never had trouble finding a helpful clan to be in (been in 3 so far, as low- mid- and high-geared player), but of course there's always a luck factor. I'd say to find a clan to join, try: -being active in faction chat. Ask questions, look for the people who are helpful and try to interact
  9. The 'problem' with the community comes from both sides, and becomes a catch 22 situation: -Low geared players want to play high level dungeons, but they're not willing to do research, nor to speak up about being new, nor to take advice from high geared players when given. Low geared players don't dare to speak up, because high geared players either ignore them or respond rudely. -High geared players don't want to play with low geared players, because they can't be bothered teaching new players, putting in extra effort or increasing the risks of failing the dungeon run. High ge
  10. In what world are Thrall and Summoner cat even the same thing, they don't even share similar purposes. Those two aren't even nearly as much the same thing as Blade Dancer party protect (old), and Blade Dancer party protect (new) were. Considering the only significant difference between the two party protects is that one has limited hit protection, while the other has unlimited hit protection, I still don't see where the foreign part is coming in there. It's just a variation on an existing mechanic.
  11. It is foreign to this game, and the same could be said about any unique class skill that gets removed. Oh, Warlock has Thrall removed? Well, it should be fine since it's foreign for this game (whatever that even means). No, classes need to have things that makes them stand out from other classes. Reasons why players pick certain classes over others. Being able to fill niches that other classes cannot. If all the classes are meant to play the same, they might as well reduce playable classes to 2: ranged and melee. Nothing is too OP, until a group can literally not function without a
  12. You could probably finish in a week or 2, depending on how fast you go. I remember taking about 1 month, but that was doing every single blue quest on the way as well, and not really at all hurrying to the finish.
  13. You play solo, doing the main story, until you're at max. level 55. From there on, it's probably best to look for a clan that's willing to help new players, so they can teach you the dungeons and what items to get in what order.
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