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  1. If your accuracy is already over 120%, there's not really a point in taking the Accuracy bonus.
  2. Blade Dancer /creation/

    For my Blade Dancer, I went with cute female lyn, because it's difficult to make a lyn look badass, lol.
  3. Once they get you, they'll just keep you stunned until they've killed you. I suppose the only way they could provide the players with a 'challenge' is: 1. Give enemy higher numbers than the player. 2A. Take away player interaction. 2B. Might 2A fail: give enemy perfect ping and read player input.
  4. Disconnected from the server

    I'm sending a ticket to support to see if they've got anything to say on the matter, but I'm not getting my hopes up.
  5. Disconnected from the server

    @kittypuppet, I have not received such pop-up yet. I either get this error message: Or the game simply fades out to the logout screen and then closes itself.
  6. Disconnected from the server

    Same. Need a fix or might as well quit this game.
  7. 1.2k for DD LMAO

    Just so people lower the chances of having to grind through encounters that require a simple mechanic, like a stun at the right moment, then have "that guy" use daze or knockback instead.
  8. Worst Trove Ever

    I used 200 keys and got an Octagonal crit, as well as a couple of lower Obsidian crits. It's all luck, as always.
  9. Stop Lobby Harassment please

    I think adding a simple 1-minute cooldown after being kicked for a few times (say, 3x) from the same lobby should fix it.
  10. Suggestion to revamp Daily Challenge

    I think it would be nice if you could choose to do tiered DCs per character, with the difference being not only getting a different selection of dungeons, but also rewards that make sense for doing that tier: Like, T1-2 could give Naryu Tablets and Void Fragments, Lament Flowers, MSP tokens. T3 could give Draken tokens and Raven Feathers, Molten Cores, Xanos Discs. T4 could give Hellion tokens and Hive Queen Wings, Silver Scales, etc.
  11. Leveling up guide

    The fastest way is by doing just the yellow quests (main story). Optionally, buy membership to increase the EXP you get from quests rewards.
  12. Will the Cherry Blossom weapon set be available in it?
  13. Trash class oscar goes to Force master

    DPS is also decided by skill rotation and ping (ms) to the server. People with all the top gear might still do mediocre DPS because they have bad ping to the game servers.
  14. Trash class oscar goes to Force master

    Lol, FM chilling in the back, far out of most boss attacks, and still complains about doing lower DPS than melee classes that actually need to play the game to perform decently. Absolutely priceless!
  15. where do i need a sacred oil?

    After the first few stages, they are used for upgrading the Soul.