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HM Skill Unlock Help Please


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Hello I am new Wind KFM player.


I was searching for how to unlock HM skill for comet strike in Wind.


I am currently using Threat mod for my comet strike and I read description of its HM skill which will recover focus used when it crit which will be very helpful for me to managing my focus. However after hours of searching through Google, I still could not find how to unlock it.


Would you guys please help me with this?  Also if item which unlocks mentioned HM skill can be bought from market, how much would it be? 


Thanks in advance.

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looking up hm skills is a bit annoying, but can be done ingame, no need to google that ;)


first you open up K (i recommend to leave it open for consistant name checking, i keep to forget the names the second I saw them ^^)

if you hover over a red book from your comet strike, you will not only see what changes, but at the bottom you see something like "need hongmoon technic xyz"


Now that you know which thing you need, you open up U -> character -> Skills (something like that, I don't play in english). Now you see all the names of the technics (like counter for example, but also your xyz). So you search for that name and expand the corresponding entry by clicking on the small triangle. Now you can see below the name of the technic what you need.

Now the items are found at different places... alles of them are at the pvp vendor, some at the achievment vendor in zawei, one can be acquired by guilds (HM pellet) and some are on F5 (so droppable). Just search if yours is on F5.

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