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Enemy Silence

KFM's much needed overhaul and changes

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Yea i'm bored so why not talk into the wind? KFM has a bunch of useless and under utilized skills that need overhauling and the class itself needs balance changes to bring it more competitive with the other classes. These changes will affect both pvp and pve. 


1. METEOR SLAM (grapple):

SUMMARY: currently meteor slam is next to useless and very situational at best. Almost no KFM has incentive to use it and all of it's finishing moves are garbage so let's fix it!


a. HEADBUTT- changed to inflict blinding for 5 seconds (very similar to assassin's "escape") damage inflicted stays the same.

-Reason for change: if you got headbutted point blank while grounded, wouldn't you not see right for a few seconds? This would allow "okizeme" and mind games.


b. ARMBAR- changed to prevent use of skills for 5 seconds, damage inflicted stays the same.

-Reason for change: Just makes sense if your arm is essentially broken


c. CLOBBER- Adds new debuff "weakened state" for 8 seconds which applies a 2 second knock down each time the opponent is hit down during it's effect.


d. PUMMEL- Increased damage from 113~132[9.45xAP] to 174~203[14.50xAP]. Enemies inflicted by pummel suffer reduced movement speed of 10% for 6 seconds.



SUMMARY: Currently ice guard is out of place with KFM's current lore. They use wind and fire elements and should have a skill that reflects those. Ice guard is just bad and while it may prove useful in a few arena situations, we can fix it to make it viable and more in line with what you'd imagine a master of kung fu would use.


a. ICE GUARD changed to WIND SHIELD(haha)-Resists damage and status effects from up to 3 attacks for 5 seconds. Gives the user and party members 60% bonus Movement Speed for 10 seconds. Cool down increased to 1 minute.

DESCRIPTION- KFM summons the power of the wind to swirl an aura around themselves to protect from incoming attacks and heightened movement speed. While their friends may benefit from the force of the wind, only the kfm enjoys it's protection!



SUMMARY: Just like ICE GUARD, EMIT FROST feels out of place with KFM's current wind/fire lore. Let's fix this to add even more polish.


a. EMIT FROST changed to WIND BLAST- Knocks back enemies 11m and inflicts 2 sec Knockdown! Cool down reduced from 1 min 30 sec to 1 minute. Cool down cannot be refreshed.

Reason for change- Phantom grip is overpowered and this makes KFM more viable in their defense against it.



SUMMARY- as of now gale fist is only useful for assassins and has no outside use for it. Since it's strictly a pvp move, let's fix this to allow for more viability in it's inclusion over swift strike and tiger strike. In order for this move to work properly, we'd also need to introduce a new move, exclusive to the flame build, very similar to SHIN KICK.


a. Name changed to TORNADO KICK animation changed to 360 degrees (similar to shenlong kick with aransu badge) "3 meters" area. Deals 24 ~ 28 [2.00x AP](flame/wind)damage. Heals the user 10% of the damage dealt. Inflicts 2 sec Stun to stealthed enemies. Searing blow/cyclone kick is available on hit. Generates 5 Hongmoon Focus on hit. Costs 3 focus on use.


b. TORNADO KICK Triggers new move KNEE THRUST available on stunned or dazed enemies. KNEE THRUST Deals 54 ~ 63 [4.50x AP] Fire damage. Deals an additional 18 ~ 21 [1.50x AP] Fire damage damage to enemies inflicted by Grab, Phantom Grip. Searing palm available on use. Searing blow. Available on hit. Cast time and cool down both instant. Range = 3 meters.


5. ELBOW SMASH (HM Block move 3)

SUMMARY- Just needs an overall buff to be more in balance with hongmoon block move 1.


a. ELBOW SMASH triggers IRON SHOULDER during a successful counter. 


6.FLYING SLAM move 2 and 3 merged


7. FLURRY no longer tracks multiple opponents. (you're welcome fellow KFM's)


8. EIGHT TALONS no longer tracks multiple opponents.



Reason for change- these moves are next to useless and could use a real overhaul but we're just going to outright change them to add a completely different dynamic to kung fu master.

a.  DRAGON BREATH- Deals 240 ~ 280 [20.00x AP] Flame damage. Deals an additional 10 ~ 11 [0.80x AP] Flame damage to enemies inflicted by "Devour".  Inflicts 1 stack of "dragon flame". Inflicts 2 stacks of "dragon flame" to enemies inflicted by "Devour". Generates 2 focus on successful hit, 3 focus on critical hit and 5 focus when used on enemies inflicted by Stun, Daze, Knockdown or Airborne. Costs= 3 focus. Range=16 meters. Cast time= instant. Cool down= instant


DESCRIPTION- The Kung fu master Summons the power of flames through his fist to hurl at his enemies as they become devoured by the flames of the inner dragon. Devour can be achieved upon inflicting the enemy with 6 stacks of "dragon flame"

ANIMATION- Similar yet unique to "one two punch" animation, the KFM will swing their fists in a haymaker-like fashion throwing forward projectiles of fire.


b. TALON KICK- Deals 240 ~ 280 [20.00x AP] Wind damage. Deals an additional 10 ~ 11 [0.80x AP] Wind damage to enemies inflicted by "Prey".  Inflicts 1 stack of "Raptor fang". Inflicts 2 stacks of "Raptor Fang" to enemies inflicted by "Prey". Generates 2 Focus on successful hit, 3 focus on critical hit and 5 focus when used on enemies inflicted by Stun, Daze, Knockdown or Airborne. Costs= 3 focus. Range=16 meters. Cast time= instant. Cool down= instant


DESCRIPTION- The kung fu master summons the power of wind through his feet to hurl at his enemies as they become prey to the fangs of the inner raptor. Prey can be achieved upon inflicting the enemy with 6 stacks of "raptor fang"

ANIMATION- Forward spinning round house kick with left leg followed by spinning round house kick with right leg. This sends blades of wind projectiles forward at enemies.


WHAT IS "DEVOUR" AND "PREY"? Renders retreat skills unusable and slows movement speed by 30% for 10 seconds. 


To anyone reading this, you're probably wondering why i suggested anything "ranged". First i wanted to ensure i'm not replacing how KFM is played overall, and second, none of the "ranged" skills i suggested have soul shields, accessories and weapons to increase their modifiers. Their use is for pvp mostly and to give an answer to other ranged classes like force master that are hard counters to kfm. Neither move has defense piercing and aren't auto target. This means that all projectiles are performed in a cone (similar to comet strike) in front of the KFM. Poor or Spam use will result in a loss of focus as each costs 3 focus to use. 


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