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Balance to the points given as a benefit to upgrade the pvp Items in 6vs 6


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Well the idea is that in the scoring system there is a change, based on my experience in 6vs6 and playing with alt too, I see the following problem, when I entered with my main champion and fought vs people who have equipment inferior to mine, I win around 400 to 800 points, however in the opposite situation if I enter with a galaxy weapon and ss of bg and the enemy team is much higher than ours we won around 40 to 80, if at least I could survive even if 8 s, that has to fix so that the player who starts earning more or less decent points and can enjoy the battle and avoid going afk I explain myself (new players more people in the server) I am since blade and soul went free to play in Chinese I want this great game to continue growing, otherwise I would not be interested in posting and I would be playing something else. thanks, I hope you understand me. I love you: D

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