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just need advice


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On 2/11/2018 at 5:57 AM, Ritchie Jay said:

for me, the most balance class in the game is blademaster. why not try blademaster ?

I will definitely try this sometime, and I will let you know what my opinion on this will (likely) be. Thank you very much!

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Blade and Soul open world PvP system is such that putting on a PvP costume equals a mutal PvP agreement: You declare that you want to PvP and be able to attack people who wear the opposite faction costume, and in turn accept they can attack you at any time.


Of course good etiquette would demand that hihg levels do not stomp all over low level faction fights (as you are near the Pyres I assume you are very low level), but then there's no mechanic in the game preventing this.


Do not try to gear up or change classes to avoid this kind of random PvP because it will never work. There will always be vastly stronger open PVP people around. I see three options for you:


- If you are having faction PvP fun with friends or doing faction quests, ask them to stop
- If you just like the costume, try to find a similar looking one that is not faction-bound
- If you like PVP, but want it fair, consider going to the arena in F8 instead.


Last option will at least equalize your stats, though you will miss some skills until your level is high enough...

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