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Pinchy Wheel of Fate questions..


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I'm only about 2-3 days old on the game and I want to use the Pinchy Wheel of Fate but it doesn't seem to respond to me period. I have nothing in the overflow inventory. I've tried it with a Cerulean Order Uniform on and without.

Do I need to be a certain level? (I'm level 41)

Is there an unlock quest? (I've done the quests to kill Pinchy)

Is there a SPECIFIC outfit in particular I must wear? (I tried the basic Cerulean starter outfit)

I haven't found any concrete answer anywhere. In game or otherwise. If it was mentioned in game, I completely missed it somehow. I read almost everything.

Any help would be appreciated. I just wanna attempt to use my essences. Even if it means getting murdered repeatedly.

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the pinchy wheel is currently being borrowed by the valentines day event, if you want to get something from the original wheel its in the dragon express!


go to inventory > bottom should have a tab called dragon express > i think its the third dragon express tab scroll down and there's the stuff from the pinchy wheel~ 

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