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  1. Mounts?? Question MARK?!?

    -1 not a fan of mounts and I see no need to add them into the game since endgame is pretty much all dungeons and raids.
  2. Pistol appearance change

    1. to alter the appearance of your weapon you select the "alter appearance" in the weapon menu 2. you can't use seraph as a weapon appearance/skin (unless its the one from trove) 3. weapons that can be used as skins can be seen in the wardrobe aka f3 in the weapon tab
  3. seriously?? (outfit challenge)

    not for a long time, usually it takes about a year for them to release outfits that win these type of contests
  4. The wings and Jinsoyun outfit are from Trove not from dungeons or raids, you need to buy keys and slots from the cash shop and pray for them to drop because its rare.
  5. Why not just merge the 2 servers on NA?

    merging the servers isn't going to fix this at all, there aren't any players in those low leveled areas because there's no new people in the game, and the ones that are new or are alts of veterans level up quickly to get to endgame. There isn't anything to do early in game anymore they've streamlined it so much to make it so you level faster and get everything you need quicker to get you to the newer endgame content quicker.
  6. Support quicker replay?

    i sent in a ticket a few days ago and they just got back to me saying they are sorry for replying late because they are busy they probably got a lot of tickets right now
  7. Bidding in Dungeons

    Or you could make friends and agree to share loot, I have friends who run dailies with me and in each dungeon we go down the list of who gets what unless something drops that we all need like leg gloves or something then we bid. We also share the gold out of secret safes,
  8. Its a mod, they were able to mod it because its in the game files.
  9. Upgrades

    Did you even read their comment? the 3 that are worth getting are still pretty much the best endgame gear in game right now, the other two (ring and earring) are pvp and not very good so you shouldn't be concerned with getting them at all (besides the elemental dmg from the purple acc is better to have until you can get bt elemental acc) These draken acc are still pretty much endgame minus the earring and ring (bt is better than them) because the new belt and the vt neck are still hard to get and upgrade for most players. Also you don't need to upgrade all the draken accessories to stage 10 here's a guide on legendary accessories for you Also while i'm at it: You literally get 250 FREE draken cores straight out of the story, how about trying to actually farm them like everybody else had to. And again these accessories are not the starter accessories many of them are still the best in game
  10. Upgrades

    They literally made getting them 1000x easier than they were before, we are also the only region to have a token system to begin with. Other regions have it much much harder to obtain and yet people still complain.....
  11. 1. Awakened breeze should be salvageable into true ivorymoon (+18 gem hammers +5gold) but i'm pretty sure that weapon is outdated now too, i think after salvaging it to ivorymoon you'll be able to salvage it again to possibly scaleburn??? not sure. My biggest advice on that character is to just complete story and [there's not much to do before finishing story quest now anyways] collect naryu silver to exchange in harvest square for baleful(dark)/seraph(light) weapon (i think fm goes bale but not sure i don't really play fm) also remember to keep exchanging silvers for weapon boxes until you get 6 gem slots because a weapon without six gem slots is bad also also before salvaging that weapon make sure you take off all your gems and weapon skins if you have one on it (to remove skin go to change appearance > separate appearance) 2. true blight salvages into profane weapon, and on that character you should just get weapons after that with the story quest so just use whatever the story gives you 3. the training room is just where you can practice skills and learn your class, you are always be able to change what skills you have on. Like i said you don't have points anymore, you just select what element you want to use at the top left of the skill(K) menu (for fm that would be fire or ice) then you just change whatever skill you want to have on. I recommend just going to the training room and going through all the training skills so you can see what each skill does and decide what skills you want to have on. Here's a video guide on the skill tree update that'll hopefully help you!~
  12. What to do next?

    You said you only have purple elemental ring and earring? the dt and ns ones? you'll need to get into a bt raid (skybreak spire) to get your orange legendary elemental accessories (earth earring drops from boss 2, earth ring drops from boss 3, shadow ring from boss 1, and shadow earring from boss 2) but now that you have raven and other legendaries and raven weapon it shouldn't be too hard to clear if you get into a good group
  13. 1. what weapon do you have? there was a system that happened a while back that they replaced weapons so you had to salvage your old weapon to receive the new stronger weapon but i don't know what weapon you have so i can't say for certain (but yes if you do need to salvage it you will get a new weapon) [here is one link to weapon streamlining it is kind of outdate now since they changed weapons once again but yeah i don't know what weapon you do have and i can't seem to find the other article about weapon changes] Its really easy to get legendary (baleful/seraph) now so if you don't already have them (and have finished act 6 i think) then get some naryu silver and go to grand harvest square in silverfrost and there's a merchant by a wheel where you can get baleful/seraph for naryu silver and you can reroll as many times as you can to get 6 gem slots Also you should finish the story quests because you will get gear like a soul and good soul shields (and ultimate skills) 2. skill points don't exist anymore, now you can pull up skill menu (k) and pick between two elements depending on your class, and change between different skill options. The training room (f12) is just for you to test out those skills and learn your class (here's an article link for the skill updates and training room)
  14. Hmmm... my advice to you (as a summoner main) maybe try switching to wind build and change your right click (bees) to the third option then you can spam right click more instead of having to go back and forth? you won't do as much damage but it's better than not being able to spam back and forth?? This is how your skills should be: Rose thorn: focus regen vine whip Weed wack (instead of roots unless you need to keep mobs in place) rumblebees 3 (additional damage) bombs away/anklebiter/surprise gift (depends on if you need a knockdown or not) clawnado (you really don't need strike in group play but when you are soloing or leveling it can be of help) Petal toss: Damage increase (blue petal toss it gives you a buff to do more damage on your right click) huzzah on the second option to heal yourself and party (and some goes to your cat but only a bit) seed shroud uh whichever i don't think it matters too much, its a counter that'll help you when a boss comes to hit you press it and go invisible power pounce crouching tiger: taunt true friend: resist (you can also set it to heal if you need extra heals this is preference) Also your rotations (how you use your skills) should be F > 3 > repeat right click And watch the squares under the boss for poison ivy because you need that up at all times so you can spam right click and not run out of focus. Poison ivy comes from F and 1 so you can use those interchangeably whenever poison ivy runs out anyways i hope that makes sense?
  15. Those are endgame 12 man raids. You need to be in a clan/guild to complete those and be strong.