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  1. Those are endgame 12 man raids. You need to be in a clan/guild to complete those and be strong.
  2. Master Loot won't work on 6 man party?

    I can see what you mean by wanting to see how master loot works but its not that hard to use it just check out people like evildousharm's streams and you'll see how master loot works, its only available for raids for a reason. (in fact here's a link directly to him doing bidding)
  3. Help

    That's the end of the storyline for now there'll be an update in the future
  4. Sandbox kitty farming

    Its the scorpions around Pinchy, I find outfit pieces drop more from the scorpions closer to the wheel (at least for me + there's like 4 scorpions all close together there so its easier for farm) edit: oh and yes the scorpions are the ones underground
  5. Pinchy Wheel of Fate questions..

    the pinchy wheel is currently being borrowed by the valentines day event, if you want to get something from the original wheel its in the dragon express! go to inventory > bottom should have a tab called dragon express > i think its the third dragon express tab scroll down and there's the stuff from the pinchy wheel~
  6. Mushin Tower - 13th floor ticket

    Oh my god dude okay this is how mushin's tower works the floors are grouped together in sections: floors 1-8 floors 9-15 floors 16-20 Okay so if you want to get to floor 13 you have to go through 9-12 to get to floor 13 its seriously not that difficult to understand and no it is not important for a noobie to skip to floor 13 it is important for a noobie to learn how to get through those floors and get stronger. Mushin's tower is meant to be a challenge and to be difficult. we all had to do that and go through it, its really not that hard and if you are struggling that bad then get stronger because its just going to get more difficult. The reason why the op couldn't use his tickets is because he didn't complete a quest he was supposed to do to be able to skip floors.
  7. Mushin Tower - 13th floor ticket

    Exactly you can not skip to floor 13 if you have not cleared 9-12 at least because if you can't clear those floors you will not be able to clear 13-15, its a dps check to make sure you actually know what you're doing. What you have to do to reach floor 13 the first time is work your way up.
  8. Look at the map, go to the entrance that says "floor 16" and fight your way up to floor 20.
  9. Where to next?

    When you finish the story you should get a quest that will give you 250 Draken cores (i think its called know thine enemy? I can't remember), kill the required bosses in order and then start running desolate tomb, naryu sanctum, and naryu foundry (and you can run Ebondrake Cititdal also but don't get the legendary earring from there just get cores) and collect draken cores. Then after killing each of those bosses 10 times go to the achievement vendor in Zaiwei and you can turn in 200 cores for 1 accessory (recommended Bracelet > Necklace > Belt) Don't get the ring or earring as those are useless. The ring and earring you want until you can run Skybreak spire is the purple elemental accessory (flame in your case) which you can get from Desolate tomb and Naryu Sanctum. Soul Shield keep that soul shield until you can run skybreak spire (BT) and upgrade to that when you can. Try to upgrade your weapon maybe farm peaches for void fragments. Also don't upgrade anything until the 7th because they are lowering upgrade costs in the next patch.
  10. Finite Challenge and Demon Maw
  11. Hi not sure what exactly you mean by this but when you hit level 50 you will start to earn hongmoon levels instead of 'regular levels' until you get to the Solak storyline (act 8) then your hongmoon levels will freeze temporarily and your 'regular levels' go up to 55 then stop there because that is the highest level currently then your exp will go back into your hm levels. I hope that makes sense?
  12. person w/an orb takes all party loot?

    Sorry I wasn't referring to you but to OP because they said: "And love the phrasing SalemK -- "something that "the community" *secretly* agrees upon... like alot of info in this game -- all secret -- which in my mind, doesn't make for "community"."
  13. person w/an orb takes all party loot?

    It isn't some "secret' rule its a rule that everyone knows about and has been in place since the start of Heaven's Mandate. The only people who might not know about it are new players but even then they could find out by people in game telling them (which is why if you're new you should join a clan to teach you these types of things). White orbs are really difficult to get either through trove, running outdated content, or now in daily boxes so they cost a bit in the marketplace, as other's have said 3-5 gold and even if someone uses their orb and gets all the loot unless something like a pet or pet pod drops they're actually LOOSING value because nothing really in the drop is worth that much except those and maybe the outfit so its just courtesy to give the orb provider the drops because they allowed you to do the dungeon and complete your daily, while again loosing money themselves.
  14. In blade and soul there's a mechanic that if someone in the party starts the boss fight before everyone is in the room safely there is a firewall that pops up and instantly kills everyone outside of the room. Basically the team you were in were being mean and killed you. Next time just try to keep up with the group and run into the room with them or find better teammates who won't kill you.
  15. Please don't say that desolate tomb normal mode doesn't require mechanics because I see people getting the 3 mark and putting the lava at the foot of the boss and killing my cat in two hits or people staying far from the boss getting the far mark during the lightning phase and getting the buff and not allowing the boss to grab them to make the boss fight quicker. or I see people having the 3 mark and standing right next to someone else and knocking up other people or people will try and range tank him. Sure it isn't as mechanic heavy as hard mode but i see people doing this all the time and its really frustrating. This is a good updated guide for normal mode dt