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DPS-meter incorrect in Normal Mode Dungeons


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I just noticed that the "Dmg. participation %" shown in the DPS-meter in normal mode dungeons is incorrect.

The boss HP used to calculate everyone's damage in % is ALWAYS the boss HP from hard mode, even in normal mode dungeons (that's why it's not bugged in hard mode).

And since bosses usually have way more HP in hard mode, that results in everyone having an extremely low damage participation which also doesn't amount to 100% in total.


Would be nice if that could be fixed, since the % value is completely useless like this.

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In case my previous explanation was unclear, here's an example of what the bug does:


Let's say you just killed the boss of a normal mode dungeon. The boss has 100mio HP in normal and 200mio HP in hard mode.

According to your DPS-meter, your total damage was 10mio. That's 10% of the boss's total HP.

But since the DPS-meter uses the boss's HP from hard mode to calculate this %-value, your 10mio damage only amount to 5% of it's total HP.


Because of this bug/wrong calculation the %-value is very misleading, wrong and also useless.

The bug should be fairly easy to fix, which is what I'm hoping to see very soon ^^

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