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  1. Sadly, it's not that simple (at least not in all cases). The reason for that is, that they're not just reducing the upgrade costs. They're changing them. So they can't just send everyone the materials they would've saved. They would also have to take all items that will be needed for the upgrade after the patch. And that's not possible, because not everyone will have those materials ready at that time. In your example, what if someone doesn't have enough SS/MS/SC/EC which will be needed to upgrade the Soul? The only thing that would work for everyone would be a revert/dow
  2. I'd expect it to work like the Earring. Whenever you crit, you deal 200% of your AP as extra damage.
  3. It wasn't like this with Aransu. When Storm Dragon/Exalted 7-9 got released, the path-swap to Aransu cost way less Hive Queen Hearts than the raid-path. A few patches later, they changed it and added a ton of Hearts, making it similar to the upcoming Shadow-/Skyforge 7-9 -> GC 7-9 swap. Fun fact: This was part of a so called "cost reduction" xD Here's the Google Sheet from back then: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AU5CoIsMGLqvPW8x7cWZSVvUNl0Fxab0z0OX8UA9Hro/edit#gid=0 Sure, looking at the whole thing it IS a cost reduction. But changing the cost fr
  4. @Cyan I saw that Shadow-/Skyforge Stage 6 -> 7 uses the Murk Drake Weapon as an upgrade offering and I assume that this weapon will drop from the Murk Drake in Moon Refuge. Is it correct that this will be a "new" weapon drop added to an "old" boss, so we can't farm it in advance and will have to wait for the patch? Edit: Why do the upgrades from Shadow-/Skyforge 7/8/9 to Grand Celestial 7/8/9 cost so many Steels? Each stage adds 24 Steels to the path-swich-cost, which is only 1 less than the raid-path. Meanwhile the path-swich at stage 6 only costs 24 steels, inst
  5. In the last patch notes, there was this "promising" sentence: Today I encountered this Merchant of Wonders in Sandstorm Temple: Dear NCSoft Do you guys have any idea, how much these are actually worth? Because it sure doesn't seem that way. Buying these Soulshields from a Sellraid would cost max. 50g per piece. Nobody would ever pay 280g for a Soulshield that isn't even BiS anymore. While this is one of the more extreme examples, there are dozens of items from that merchant, which are way too expensive. Please try to adjust these pri
  6. According to today's maintenance notes, this problem should've been fixed. I don't know if we'll actually get the new boxes during double-loot-time (since it's not Friday yet), but what I do know is that all the boxes I farmed during the last weekend are still the expired ones and didn't get replaced. Is this intended? And is there any chance of getting them replaced with the new ones?
  7. They fixed the icons on the right side, but also swapped the backgrounds of the icons at the top. It looks kinda weird and would be nice if that could be fixed too ^^
  8. You transmute the event items/tokens by spending the listed materials.
  9. 6. Leech The buff description (from Siphon granted by Leech) mentions a 20% Critical Damage bonus, which is also applied. This is missing from the skill description. The Step In Time talent is supposed to grant immunity to Snares during Siphon, but doesn't (just like the Speed Demon talent, as described in my previous post). On a side note: The awakening patch apparently messed something up with all kinds of Snare related effects. From skills not snaring anymore (even though they should, according to their descriptions), over Snare imminities not applying, to B
  10. What exactly do you mean by that? Are you talking about the fact that over 75% of the time Leech doesn't cast because we're busy spamming our rotation (same with the new Talisman btw)? I'm not sure, but maybe this problem has to do with the 0.1 sec cast time of Leech.
  11. That would be another very simple way to fix this. Good thinking ^^
  12. Since the addition of the new Talisman, we are no longer able to see the complete gear in the Character Info Window at once. Checking the Mystic Badge (which is done pretty often to check e.g. if someone has BW or not) requires us to scroll down every time. For that reason I suggest a slight increase of the height of the Character Info Window. That's an extremely simple change, which would make all of our lives a bit easier.
  13. "113,900 time remaining" doesn't make any sense. "Time" is not a unit and therefore cannot be quantified. If you replace "time" with a suitable unit, for example seconds, then the statement is just incorrect. This is not a timer that shows when the Daily Reputation Limit will reset. This is the amount of Reputation I am able to gain today. Then I'll have to wait for the daily reset of the limit. So a correct statement would be: "113,900 Reputation remaining until the Daily Reputation Limit is reached" Do you get my point now?
  14. It might not be a functional bug, but it's still an error within the game. Where else should I report that? There's no forum/thread for localization errors, that I know of. Also the description of the Bug Report forum says "Report an issue that you encountered within Blade & Soul here.". Is this not an issue?
  15. How does "113,900 time remaining..." say that I am able to obtain 113,900 Reputation today? Because that's what it means (or at least should mean).
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