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Suggested Radiant Ring crafting


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It would be really great if we could trade elemental powders and jewel powders and then use them to craft sacred orb and elysium orb as tradeable goods for radiant ring (in combination with rare element and normal materials).   This would help stabilize the prices of the orbs item and provide the economy for all of the those junk items (by consuming the powders).  Use a price of 25 to 50 c for each of the elemental/jewel powders so that it does not distort the overall economy.  For reasonable crafting the target price should be 80s for sacred orb, and 6.5g per elysian orb.  Then add crafting of hongmoon gem powders with a craft cost of 20g.    


This would do a great deal to help balance the horrible crafting at radiant ring while providing stability to the current crafting resources.  If the prices rise much above the crafting price, then people will buy up the junk items and make orbs to hold price in check.  This will also help balance the other guilds as the often huge price fluctuations of tradeable resources makes it hard to properly price the recipes to  keep them profitable without being a windfall or a money sink.  One should have to waste 5 minutes before deciding if a craft it profitable or wake up to discover that the resources have quadrupled in price.  

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