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  1. I have the same problem. I was trying to reply to a support ticket and it just keeps redirecting to the account settings.
  2. Unfortunately the ability to upgrade those items was removed in the most recent patch. People holding items prior to that patch can still upgrade them and salvage them. I believe the current items dropped and purchased for those oath items are now locked at upgrade level 6. The current items to aim for are the elemental items from BT as few people bother with the dungeon path items. You should be able to get the BT items pretty easy as most people are beyond that level for a while. The only significant loss is that as you can't complete the upgrade to max level on destiny and oath, you wo
  3. I think you are being a bit disingenuous regarding the SF rotation. Not that I am disagreeing with your points, but when I said complex I didn't mean the basic pattern. SF is really easy from to prospective of holding RMB and tapping Z,X,2 whenever they come up will get you decent damage. And yes the really long frontal attack block window make the SF very forgiving. On the other hand, the actual rotation which involves collecting 3 rotations of chi stacks to get 2 frost storms and an ice helix by stacking up with RMB, F, 2, X and the occasional block (1) with interspersing in
  4. I can't say on all of the classes, but of those that I have played a fair amount. Ranked from easy to hard. 1) Summoner - so simple it is out right boring for PvE. Just dance around punching your buff and a very occasional block. (PROS: you have a cat, CONS: boring) 2) Soul fighter (frost) - a pretty complex rotation but with simple mode you can RMB except for the buff timing. Without simplified mode it is harder than blade dancer. The rotation is about getting to 5 chi stacks and thus hit the buff. Ranged is just for when pressed back or to stack more damage/he
  5. I can't really give you a point by point on the different classes as I haven't played WL, Gunner, or Warden. I do play a lot of SF and find it a very fun class with less leveling pains than some others. It is far more exciting that summoner who can just stand in back and hold a button most of the time. The general impression I have gotten from the forums is the WL is not worth it right now. Warden are then current best thing but like all new classes will likely get nerfed at some point. Gunners are just coming off a big nerf, but not so bad as to make unplayable, there are so many of th
  6. Okay lets start with simple stuff. Your equipment is - Solak Ring - purchase a Hallows Ring from Sa Garyung (general merchant) in Valindria (+1 AP, crit) Replace this with a BT ring by taking a public or clan run. (should be less than 50g) - Pinnacle Earring - Replace this with a BT earring by taking a public or clan run. (should be less than 50g) - Solak Necklace - purchase a Hallows Necklace from Sa Garyung (general merchant) in Valindria (+1 AP, crit), then you will need to farm for oath necklace (+9AP). (farm DT or purchase from vendor) Don't bother upping it
  7. 1) Minumum AP to do much is 1000 though the old content (shattered masts and below) are runnable with less. Most people are near 1100 which starts into money dungeons (SSM,DD). My alt at 1150+ is pretty much able to go anywhere with my clan. You will need 1200+ if you want all dungeons in the game open to you (RT/ST) with public runs. - You should be able to upgrade gems at basin and buy your hongmoon heart. The bottom tier of weapons is much cheaper now, but you should try to get the event dungeon weapon if you can. I recommend just doing dailies and sandbagging mats unti
  8. I think you hit the wrong button regarding reading a letter. Letters are on the quest board on the lower right. There is a gift box at the top of the screen that requires a specific level to open. It seems like you have those confused.
  9. Every class has advantages and disadvantages. Some are darn hard to get started, while others can feel great with even minimal equipment. Some will be tiring even after you get them to end game, while others continue to provide things new. I think the first place to start is figure out what role makes you feel best in game. Are you a person who likes to watch for that animation that indicates an attack and block it at the last second, then go with a tank class like blade master or kungfu master. Does standing back and go pewpew feel better? If so then force master or gun
  10. Most of the costumes you can get for free have a location to receive on the hover over info in the wardrobe. You can try on every outfit in the game and see what you like and how to get it. Complete yellow quests to advance in the game to max level. If you trashed your SF before you got far in the plot, you may not have actually experienced the game play. Skills unlock through as you advance levels and the actual play style of the rotation doesn't happen until you have the right equipment. SF for example can't pull off a complete rotation until they can complete chi foc
  11. Most people take all the event goodies and pour them into buying sacred oils. You will need a ton of them to top of your soul. Best to sand bag them until your receive a free soul from an event then spend them to boost yourself up. If you have left overs after getting the oils, I usually pet pod, outfit, or raw materials. You can buy most of the gems you need for starting the game by farming the basin. They aren't upgradable but they will fill the slots. Hexs come from the vendor, and Hepts come from the locked room. Hope it helps.
  12. Change everything in SSP to level 60 please. That way they are harder to kill and give more points.
  13. Not that I am aware of. But I play SF and BD and both are quite pleasing. They are a purchasable item. I would assume that once purchased they remain in your inventory until used. You need to do daily and events until you get catch up equipment from the events. I believe pet and soul are next. Everyone is saying the weapon is a noob trap. You can't catch up by grinding to get through the current weapon path. By the time you make it there the next piece of catch up equipment will be out and the materials you invest will be wasted. Instead just do event
  14. I would say it is worth if you are a frequent player and can play long enough to get all your spins in each day. Most months that the spin is running I get enough free HM coins from landing on bonus squares to where the subscription is coming out about even. Unfortunately, they haven't had PTS in the shop for a while so those coins are just piling up. I wouldn't start a fresh character unless you are unhappy with your current. Though if your gear is really outdated, then you are just going to depend on events for a while to get equipment. Thus the penalty may not be much. They a
  15. Yeah I agree that the quest mode is overdone. It wasn't nearly as tedious when the game was released. They released a piece at a time as each area was opened. This worked well when the main population advanced through the game, but for new players joining late it is just a huge hurtle that gives the impression that the game is empty which is most certainly is not. They could also revamp the areas so that new players see the old content at their level and top gear see a world full of challenging areas. But that is not their current direction. I have certainly posed it as a problem on
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