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  1. Why Can't I submit a support ticket?

    I have the same problem. I was trying to reply to a support ticket and it just keeps redirecting to the account settings.
  2. Upgrade Oath Necklace

    Unfortunately the ability to upgrade those items was removed in the most recent patch. People holding items prior to that patch can still upgrade them and salvage them. I believe the current items dropped and purchased for those oath items are now locked at upgrade level 6. The current items to aim for are the elemental items from BT as few people bother with the dungeon path items. You should be able to get the BT items pretty easy as most people are beyond that level for a while. The only significant loss is that as you can't complete the upgrade to max level on destiny and oath, you won't be able to salvage them for crux that is needed to unlock the next tier of dungeon items. Thus expect to spend two PTS if you go down a path requiring crux. You can still get the lowest tier eternity belt and upgrade it to max. The "equipment upgrade path" window (2nd icon to the left on the bottom row of inventory) will provide you with a list of the most current items.
  3. Looking for a class that suits me the best?

    I think you are being a bit disingenuous regarding the SF rotation. Not that I am disagreeing with your points, but when I said complex I didn't mean the basic pattern. SF is really easy from to prospective of holding RMB and tapping Z,X,2 whenever they come up will get you decent damage. And yes the really long frontal attack block window make the SF very forgiving. On the other hand, the actual rotation which involves collecting 3 rotations of chi stacks to get 2 frost storms and an ice helix by stacking up with RMB, F, 2, X and the occasional block (1) with interspersing in elemental attacks (Tab) with burning tundra (V), chi burst (X) and ice coil (3), is way more than the typical rotation of a blade dancer. Throw in a soul burn and you have to perform the whole rotation in just a few seconds. Thus while an SF is pretty easy to do the basic rotation for a beginner, it also has a very high skill cap for experts.
  4. Looking for a class that suits me the best?

    I can't say on all of the classes, but of those that I have played a fair amount. Ranked from easy to hard. 1) Summoner - so simple it is out right boring for PvE. Just dance around punching your buff and a very occasional block. (PROS: you have a cat, CONS: boring) 2) Soul fighter (frost) - a pretty complex rotation but with simple mode you can RMB except for the buff timing. Without simplified mode it is harder than blade dancer. The rotation is about getting to 5 chi stacks and thus hit the buff. Ranged is just for when pressed back or to stack more damage/heal to the rotation (tab-RMB-X-tab). Messing up does reduce damage, but you won't mess up the party. The worst part is that as a mode switcher the keys are really overloaded, so you have to plan which mode is required for the skill you want to cast. But 80% of the time is melee mode so it is not as bad as it looks. (PROS: Slightly equipment dependent, fun to play, lots of options CONS: melee, simple mode is needed to reduce complexity, mode switcher) 3) Blade dancer (lightning) - Requires a huge amount of auto canceling. The rotation is simple, switch to blade draw mode which gives you electric stacks. Autocancel F-LMB-F-LMB-F-LMB until you run out to stacks. When the stacks are done hit another lightning draw buff (X,C,V). Truly maximizing damage requires timing the buffs to the item stacks. The other skills are CC and boss mechanic breaking (grab). Done properly they help the fight, done poorly they wipe the team. Changing and disabling skills is often needed to reduce the change of a wipe if you fat finger it. Multiple team blocks, but thanks to global cooldown casting one at the wrong time can prevent an important block wiping the team. But those blocks are so weak, you don't spec them unless needed for the party. Blocking punishes the BD as you lose draw stance unless you us blade guard. Thus you must constantly move to keep position. (PROS: nice damage, challenging at times, CONS: lots of risk/party wiper, all the downsides of a melee, equipment dependent) 4) Force master - No simple mode possible. Mode switching based on LMB/RMB. Skills that switch based on mode. Huge damage if the rotation is done properly, Timing, stack count and combos are needed constantly. Good news as ranged you don't need to be up in the bosses face. (PROS: Big damage, CONS: high skill requirement)
  5. I can't really give you a point by point on the different classes as I haven't played WL, Gunner, or Warden. I do play a lot of SF and find it a very fun class with less leveling pains than some others. It is far more exciting that summoner who can just stand in back and hold a button most of the time. The general impression I have gotten from the forums is the WL is not worth it right now. Warden are then current best thing but like all new classes will likely get nerfed at some point. Gunners are just coming off a big nerf, but not so bad as to make unplayable, there are so many of them that they don't have much demand in raids and other areas. Not that they don't have a great buff, but it is hard not to have a gunner in the party. If you are planning on switching now is the time though. This event is the best equipment advancement they have had but there may not be enough time left to get the benefits. Last, you really shouldn't try to solo this game. A major portion of advancement is raiding for equipment, experience grinding, and events. Clans offer you access to those raids, give an exp bonus if the clan is competitive, and will help carry you to complete events that are outside your characters capabilities. Some clans are very clingy requiring your participation in lots of activities and others are more laid back. Thus you really should try to find a clan to help you advance. Why waste time making the game 40% harder just to be antisocial?
  6. Returning Player w/ some questions

    Okay lets start with simple stuff. Your equipment is - Solak Ring - purchase a Hallows Ring from Sa Garyung (general merchant) in Valindria (+1 AP, crit) Replace this with a BT ring by taking a public or clan run. (should be less than 50g) - Pinnacle Earring - Replace this with a BT earring by taking a public or clan run. (should be less than 50g) - Solak Necklace - purchase a Hallows Necklace from Sa Garyung (general merchant) in Valindria (+1 AP, crit), then you will need to farm for oath necklace (+9AP). (farm DT or purchase from vendor) Don't bother upping it as it you wont max it. - Lucent bracelet - Farm a pinnacle for +10AP. You will need a tiger or dragon bracelet from NS when you are ready. - Solak Belt - purchase a Hallows Belt from Sa Garyung (general merchant) in Valindria - Solak Gloves - purchase a Hallows Gloves from Sa Garyung (general merchant) in Valindria. - Solak Soul - You can get +2 AP by spending 10 void frags and 10 transformation stones. Worth only if you are having trouble running the event to get your soul. Don't upgrade more than 1 level. - Heart (none) - purchase this from celestial basin vendor(+12 AP, crit) The first few levels are pretty cheap so push this up for +2 AP per level. - Shield MSP - replace this with BT by running BT runs. A clan can get you the extra pieces by salvaging pieces people don't want. You will get other mats from the daily spin and running daily. - Pet - you should get an up from the event. - Weapon Baneful 1 (3 slots) - this is trash, you will need to reroll for 6 slots at the grand harvest vendor. You will up this a few to improve your AP, then you will hopefully get the event to replace it. Void stone are farmed in celestial basin. - Gems - farm a few 6 hex gems from celestial basin to up your ap to a reasonable level. You can get boss drops which will give you a hept if you get 10 key frags. Hope this helps.
  7. Returning Player w/ some questions

    1) Minumum AP to do much is 1000 though the old content (shattered masts and below) are runnable with less. Most people are near 1100 which starts into money dungeons (SSM,DD). My alt at 1150+ is pretty much able to go anywhere with my clan. You will need 1200+ if you want all dungeons in the game open to you (RT/ST) with public runs. - You should be able to upgrade gems at basin and buy your hongmoon heart. The bottom tier of weapons is much cheaper now, but you should try to get the event dungeon weapon if you can. I recommend just doing dailies and sandbagging mats until you get the event gear rather than trying to burn yourself with grinding. These upgrades will push you up in AP close to 1050 which will open up every dungeon below xanos. You can use a clan to run up to EL pretty easy. 2) Gunner is set for a nerf but I believe that is PvP. I don't play gunner so I will leave that to others. 3) Which server are you on? Assuming you are dedicated to improving there are lots of good clans out there, my clan is on Yura. 4) Current baseline items are oath necklace, eternity belt, destiny ring, and immortality earring. But those are really bottom tier and almost not worth pushing up. You can grab the non-upgradable accessories and push up your gems and weapon and then have a clan carry you through to get your elemental ring and earring. Then get a bracelet and max it. 5) I believe altering a costume makes it untradable. 6) Servers were merged to 2. You are either on Yura (crowded but easy to find a clan or raid), or Zulia (more beginners, more toxic, more stressful). I see you were once on Gunwa so you should be Yura now. 7) The lightning has rage which removes a bunch of abilities but lets you put out big damage. The frost is more of a heath tank. At least from the patch notes we have seen. 8) Sure. But I have a lot of them already.
  8. Noob Needs Halp

    I think you hit the wrong button regarding reading a letter. Letters are on the quest board on the lower right. There is a gift box at the top of the screen that requires a specific level to open. It seems like you have those confused.
  9. Help deciding mains ?

    Every class has advantages and disadvantages. Some are darn hard to get started, while others can feel great with even minimal equipment. Some will be tiring even after you get them to end game, while others continue to provide things new. I think the first place to start is figure out what role makes you feel best in game. Are you a person who likes to watch for that animation that indicates an attack and block it at the last second, then go with a tank class like blade master or kungfu master. Does standing back and go pewpew feel better? If so then force master or gunner are more your style. Want to stand back and let others do the work for you be a more support type class like a summoner or a warlock. Need to be something a bit different than all the others then perhaps a destroyer, blade dancer, soul fighter or assassin is more your style. I have run a few of the classes to max level now. I personally am not very good at the tank roles so BM and KFM are pretty out. The summoner class was literally too boring to play as if felt more like I was hiding in the back than doing useful work. Destroyer was okay but as my main is a blade dancer I already have a class with the dps and utility. Of course the lightening blade dancer has always been not the best of choices. With that class you have to dodge everything as defending yourself or using another skill will break you from the all important blade stance, thus given the game is already pretty punishing on melee I wouldn't recommend blade dancer as a first choice. Soul fighter is quite different from the others that I have tried. It is a melee class with some ability to go ranged. Don't kid yourself that it is a true hybrid as the damage output from range is not that good. Rather, it means that when you get pushed back you don't feel helpless. Instead it is a very dynamic class where you can operate well most of the time. Get pushed out or need to step back because the mech requires, fine then go ranged. Need to hope back in an kick some boss butt, sure we can dive right back in. The class is a hybrid in that regard. The double dash means soul fighters can get well out of the fight when they need. Mode switching gives you a lot of options, but at the same time means a much bigger learning curve than some other classes. Soul fighters have a ton of iframes because you have all the ability to QE in kung fu mode and then QE again in elemental mode as both stances have different cool downs. The double set of iframes means you have to understand the cool down icons because sometimes the skill you will be needing is on the other mode. Also though you are not a tank class, soul fighters have a very good block on a pretty short cool down. It is actually part of the rotation as getting your block successfully boosts your chi and allows you to put out peak damage. Unlike the blade dancer landing a block actually feels good, not a desperate act of survival. Spec it as a long block and time it right and you can take a full multi slash combo from the boss and then immediately turn it around in his face. And soul fighter is also a hybrid support class. The heal boosting and healing will make you rather popular in some raids. Not quite popularity of "we will ignore the equipment that warlock has", but at the same time you will have important roles that no others can fill. It is one of the classes that simplified mode actually works in. Rather than needing to punish your fingers in some animation canceling maze and missing because a minor lag meaning the whole combo goes to crap, soul fighter simplified mode runs most of the combo for you with a simple hold of the left button. Lift it just to push in another skill to push in the punch or time a skill right, but otherwise you can just bash away. And to top it all off it is one of the classes with a fairly smooth power curve. You don't feel entirely helpless until you have the right equipment but rather you can clearly see when you have a burst and when you are just dpsing even with typical equipment. Now the downsides of the class. The basic rotation requires you to get through 3 rotations before you can get out the big ice coil or hit that big heal to save team. This combo will be a nightmare to get through until you have some equipment and a few skill unlocks. Thus the class feels really weak running through the quests. Just reaching max level is not enough to fully unlock this class. Not quite as bad as warlock running through the plot line, but still you won't feel the magic until you are able to burst through all three in a single rotation in combo which you can't hit until you are ready for BT. Further, timing the Z boost to give you that first chi will require some timing, as it consumes all the chi you had already. Thus if you had 4 stacks already and you hit Z, you only get one burst off rather than if you hit 2, punched V, and then hit your ZV combo for a double power punch on your burst. Unlike the blade dancer where it is just go into stance and chop chop until the buff runs out and hit another one, soul fighters actually have timing and done poorly will not live up to potential. Not necessarily a weakness, the soul fighter scales with skill and thus you will find that you can keep improving as you play even if the combos are slow to learn at the start. If being a jack of all trades with some serious support abilities with a fair amount of skill scaling potential is what you are looking for then I would recommend the soul fighter. You will never be the best at any role but never left feeling helpless or useless. It is a very rewarding class with few drawbacks in the current game.
  10. Most of the costumes you can get for free have a location to receive on the hover over info in the wardrobe. You can try on every outfit in the game and see what you like and how to get it. Complete yellow quests to advance in the game to max level. If you trashed your SF before you got far in the plot, you may not have actually experienced the game play. Skills unlock through as you advance levels and the actual play style of the rotation doesn't happen until you have the right equipment. SF for example can't pull off a complete rotation until they can complete chi focus 3 times. Of course you should find something that you like. Just understand the initial impressions may be completely different from that the game style of the character actually is. No. There are only a handful of faction outfits. Those outfits are the invitation to PvP. There are plenty of other outfits in the game that look better. The wardrobe is divided into sections by act of the game. Early game items are in dungeons you can mine easy. Harder ones are towards the bottom. Not sure how to even address this question.
  11. Returning player

    Most people take all the event goodies and pour them into buying sacred oils. You will need a ton of them to top of your soul. Best to sand bag them until your receive a free soul from an event then spend them to boost yourself up. If you have left overs after getting the oils, I usually pet pod, outfit, or raw materials. You can buy most of the gems you need for starting the game by farming the basin. They aren't upgradable but they will fill the slots. Hexs come from the vendor, and Hepts come from the locked room. Hope it helps.
  12. Increase SSP boss health

    Change everything in SSP to level 60 please. That way they are harder to kill and give more points.
  13. Returning player

    Not that I am aware of. But I play SF and BD and both are quite pleasing. They are a purchasable item. I would assume that once purchased they remain in your inventory until used. You need to do daily and events until you get catch up equipment from the events. I believe pet and soul are next. Everyone is saying the weapon is a noob trap. You can't catch up by grinding to get through the current weapon path. By the time you make it there the next piece of catch up equipment will be out and the materials you invest will be wasted. Instead just do event and daily, save materials until you receive the catch up equipment. Then spend the materials as you will be better off than trying to play catch up. Join a clan to help run events if it is beyond your current equipment. They can also get you an experience and peach bonus. It if fine to be carried for a while. It is solo farm as far as I know. You can get some exp from others running the basin as a group. You can buy very cheap exp charms which can get you to level 13 which is a huge improvement over the average f2p. You can also use the daily solar energy to buy exp charms. I know some people think it is a noob trap, but levels do make a difference in terms of both survivaliblity and how hard you hit. SS work differently based on the tier. Legendary have randomly chosen stats and can be improved by fusing another of the same piece with at least one common stat. Normal drop SS are just random stats. Upper tier dungeon drops work the same as legendary. Don't bother with MSP shields at this point. Join a clan and run BT with them. You should get a full BT shield pretty quick as it now drops a universal box rather than just class boxes. Any good pieces (in terms of the type of stat not the actual value) should be fused with an important stat like crit. You can then build on those stats by using another piece with the same number. If you get a piece with the wrong type of stats (Health/Block) when you need (Crit/Acc), then just keep it to top of heath stat when you get the correct stat piece. Clan war is a PvP fight that happens at a certain hour of the day. Clans that participate get bonuses for all members. You should join a clan with a decent bonus so you don't have to grind together. Bonuses include XP, peach, zen bean, and battle point. Actual participation is totally optional. Most good clans have 6 players who regularly do clan wars to keep up the bonuses for the rest. Don't go it alone man. This is a social game. Find a competitive clan with the same schedule as you. Make sure they are friendly and have a discord channel. An active clan is a huge benefit. Don't worry about gold until you have gotten the event catch up equipment. You can waste hours trying to get groups for the money dungeons and you will just decide the game is toxic. This game rewards time not effort. Just log in and do what is required to get event and daily and save up materials. Then if you can AFK until you have gotten all the spins and login rewards. I tried both paths. My main ground to get good equipment and got smacked down as the resources I put in were wasted as the event gave me better equipment. My alt did nothing but event and daily. Yes my main is stronger, but not proportionally to the level of effort.
  14. Returning player

    I would say it is worth if you are a frequent player and can play long enough to get all your spins in each day. Most months that the spin is running I get enough free HM coins from landing on bonus squares to where the subscription is coming out about even. Unfortunately, they haven't had PTS in the shop for a while so those coins are just piling up. I wouldn't start a fresh character unless you are unhappy with your current. Though if your gear is really outdated, then you are just going to depend on events for a while to get equipment. Thus the penalty may not be much. They added very cheap exp charms to get your character to HM13. I used spare stuff from playing the last 10 months and built an SF while was nearly as strong as my main. But catching up using event stuff will take a while. Just be sure to get this next event for soul and pet aura. There are a lot of changes in the last year. The SF was pretty well reworked and they added simplified mode to remove repetitive stress injuries. It works for some classes (SF) very well and others is just is plain unusable (BD). 6v6 remains an arm and a leg as the materials needed are prohibitive. Yes, you can PvE without PvP. Assuming you are around for a few months you can get enough PvP materials from daily spin to buy any skill unlocks. But if you were active a year ago then likely there isn't anything that you need. We are all expecting a boost when the new engine is released. Population is moderately declining, but not nearly the contraction that it had after launch. I left the game when the server merges started because the population was so thin that other than the farming bots it was a ghost town. Back then the open world bosses were out and many were just impossible on the sparse servers. Now that we are at two servers and the open world bosses are no longer required it is much better.
  15. New player questions

    Yeah I agree that the quest mode is overdone. It wasn't nearly as tedious when the game was released. They released a piece at a time as each area was opened. This worked well when the main population advanced through the game, but for new players joining late it is just a huge hurtle that gives the impression that the game is empty which is most certainly is not. They could also revamp the areas so that new players see the old content at their level and top gear see a world full of challenging areas. But that is not their current direction. I have certainly posed it as a problem on these forums. But the quest mode has its defenders and as the developers don't read the western forums it is pretty hard to communicate this as a problem. The PvP esport stuff is pretty odd. The community is pretty divided by activities. PvP and PvE players are basically playing different games and you would have to be a whale to afford gearing up both paths as materials required for top gear in either are very expensive. Add to that the division between F2P and pay to win players and you have a very diverse community. If you want to see toxicity try queuing for 6v6 during bonus reward hours with no PvP gear, you are basically ruining a group of whales game during double reward hours. But once you understand the community and the rules, you won't find it nearly as bad as some people make it out to be. The developers combat try this by making PvE quests to get PvP equipment. But it often seems rather forced and thus the source of many complaints. Similarly many skill unlocks require PvP play to get the required tokens. Of course as the game naturally gives you a steady supply of tokens of different types as you do dailies you never have to set foot in PvP land if you don't want to and in time you will get those skills unlocked. I wouldn't worry to much about having problems finding to find groups for large raids. There are plenty of active beginner clans which take people with any skill or equipment level who will help you run weeklies assuming you are free to meet at the designated time. There are a number of resources like discord groups and so long as you are not a complete loner you can make friends to help you climb. Making friends in game removes a lot of those gear restrictions and as a WL many groups will be happy to drag you through some pretty wicked dungeons. The highest level raids are meant to be very challenging so don't expect to clear them when you first join a progressive group. It may take weeks to get the skill to pull off a raid, but you will have a blast doing it success or fail. Oh one last note on going solo. Beyond getting you through the mid game and helping you push through dungeons, clans other basic function is giving you bonuses. Many activities in game can give up to twice as big a reward in terms of experience if you have a clan behind you. It is linked to the clan PvP ranking so there needs to be a group of hard core whales in the clan to help push the clan wars score up. Thus finding the proper clan to help you grow is pretty vital. You can grind all you want solo but someone associated with a ranked clan will get the more peaches, more exp, and more PvP points for every activity they do in game. Similarly factions make a huge deal in this game. One faction dominates completely and being on the other side means settling for scraps. Thus once you hit end of the quest, take a moment to glance over the clan wars scoring to see who is who in the world. Find a well ranked beginner clan who operates during the hours that you play and watch for their recruiting. Beginner clans are always losing people as people trade up to raid clans and many are very friendly. (Okay the tutorials in the game are horrible and you have to play for months to discover some of this stuff.)