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FPS drop (yes, you have probably seen this before)


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So, im a returning BnS player. Been playing for about 1 week now. Just hit lvl 55. In the beginning, the FPS drop wasnt that much. But i have to ask because this is driving me crazy! 


First my specs:


i7 6700k (stock) 

GTX 1080 (stock)

16 GB ram @ 3000 mhz


Game is NOT installed on a SSD, but i have tried that aswell. 


I can max out the settings and have 120 FPS in a non crowded area. But, just walking in a straight line the FPS will drop to about 110 and then back up in a 0.5 sec. Nothing more than that. But that drop creates a kind of "huccup". Not a "smooth" lag if you know what i mean. But, i like some "room" and dont need the prettiest game, so most are on quality 4 and some on 3. Tried vsync aswell. 

If i limit the FPS to 60 or whatever, it still drops about 10 which creates a hiccup. 


GPU and CPU temps are fine. GPU: 60c. CPU: 55c.

Usage is about 50% on both


I have tried about everything that google has to offer except rolling back to windows 1607.

Yes, i have completely formatted my computer. All the harddrives. Installed only the drivers needed and then the game. Still the same. 


I have tried to install the game on 3 different harddrives where one is an SSD, but didnt do anything.


So, i am wondering, do other people get this "hiccup" aswell? 




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5 hours ago, DustinMcDohl said:

Restart computer > press del a bunch > turn off hyperthreading in your bios (intel virtualization)


drastically increases your load times but gets rid of the stuttering.

I tried that now, didnt do anything :/ I checked in task manager and only 4 threads was showing, so the settings worked, but the stutter is still there. 

I also reverted back to Windows 1607 last night, yeah, didnt do anything either :/ 

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