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  1. so they reduced the soulstone crystal option to 15, yet left the one that costs 25 alone. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing genius lmao i dont know why i expected anything intelligent. why did i, anyway?
  2. A bit of help?

  3. A bit of help?

  4. I don't like the classes rant

    shadow destroyer doesn't require anicanceling. earth and shadow destroyer play dramatically differently depending on soulshield and badges. i can't do earth destroyer either because it gives me cramps. shadow destroyer fits my playstyle the best anyway.
  5. Please put this game available on steam

    it'll never happen. the negative reviews would pour in like rain. ncshit would never fork over the cash necessary to fix all the problems that we are currently bitching about. here, buy some more rng boxes. here. here.
  6. Legendary Element/Jewel Changes

    yeah im totally convinced now ncwest is blatantly sabotaging their own game. you save a whole 5 soulstone crystals doing the element bullshit. there's a reason korea has this costing 1 element. idiots. they didnt ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ing think this through at all.
  7. Are you not entertained?!?

    No, seriously. NCWEST having fun at our expense. 18 second wheel spins while people throw bombs at and kill you - all for a CHANCE at the crystal. not even 100%. which means if your luck is bad enough, you can't even complete the event LMAO joke event is joke.
  8. Regarding Upcoming Blade & Soulmate Event

    i think they're just tired of running blade and soul so they're doing their best to kill the game and make it look like they're not actively sabotaging it.
  9. Legendary Element/Jewel Changes

    i started playing about a month ago. every weapon and accessory i've gotten since i started again i've salvaged. all of them. i have 530 powder. 530 powder.. a month. 5k powder? 10 months of playing? wat.
  10. Is it worth it to start playing again?

    if you liked it before you'll still like it. the story hands out a full set of nice shinies. and then you get to grind.
  11. More available classes for each race. Will it ever happen?

    gon blademaster thx
  12. Returning Player - A bit lost

    the game gives you everything you need just by completing the story quests. weapon, accessories and a full legendary soul shield set. once you receive your first light/dark weapon box if it doesnt give you 6 slotted wep go to jadestone, find the coin merchant and keep buying boxes until you get a 6 slotter. buy hollow glove in valindria when you get there. dont buy any of the other accessories. when you're done with the story ask for more advice
  13. Does it ever get fun?

    because it can. but the story does not teach you your class properly. so we get people who come into sanctum undergeared and not knowing the mechanics. you need to know your class before you try the harder dungeons. there are easier purple dungeons to do. start from lair of the frozen fang every day and work your way up the list. gear can offset some of the requirement, but it's not the problem you're facing. you seem to think adding 50 ap is magically gonna make every dungeon easy, but it doesn't work like that. i've beaten sanctum with plenty teams of hm9's but they could do mechanics.