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Warlock: Soul Badge Fusions Questions (ICE/SHW)


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Hey all. Wanted to try and get some information here pertaining to the soul badge fusions for both ICE and SHADOW. Thank you for taking the time to look and help with the info!


1. What is the best fusion for Shadow PVE?

2. What is the best fusion for Ice PVE?

3. With Shadow badge being Primal Force, is there a different one for Shadow PVP?

3. Is there a different fusion for Shadow for PVP?


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As far as I know Legacy will be best for shadow and colossus for ice. Both these are either primal force/magnum fused with transcendence to add 3 more seconds during leech for PVE. I am not to sure with the new glory badges though. However, the limitless/ancestral soul badge does sound better adding 5% more crit dmg per cast of WL 2 skill. I find myself cast 2 twice during leech and SB duration which will add up 25% crit dmg for 12 sec. Not sure if this will be better or adding 3sec of 20% crit dmg.


For PVP, soul badges do not work in arena but do in battlegrounds. I personally find the tribute soul badge to be useful in battlegrounds and especially in Tower of Infinity when spec'd into aerial.

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