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    With your specs, its just gonna be a pop and lag fest with everything set on lowest. BnS isn't a laptop friendly game. Even high end pc's will get frame drops. Hate to break it to you, you're not going to have fun playing when especially when you'll spend most of your time looking at a loading screen.
  2. 120 fps cheapest PC / laptop

    I am not answering your question but just some tips. 1. Get PC not a laptop. I have a laptop with a dedicated 1060 graphics card and never get to 120 and can drop as low as 10fps. Thing with laptops is cooling is very poor throttling fps when it gets hot. 2. BnS is poorly optimized and is more CPU dependent and does not use all cores on a multi core CPU. I have a i5-6600k clocked at 4.0 and can get stable at 90-100 in most areas but will drop to 30-50 fps in populated areas or world bosses and even some dungeons with a lot of particles. I also read somewhere that BnS fps is capped at 90 even if it gives the option for 120 but correct me if i'm wrong. 3. I tried building one on originpc.com and OMG the pricing without any peripherals while picking mostly low end parts came up to $1756. link here My build is priced at around $1200 when I bought it all, but with today's prices on ram and graphics card, expect 150-200% increase from MSRP pricing. Building a one over a pre-built will be a little cheaper but overall the market is bad right now for pc building. If you have the money go for it.
  3. No more bots but gold spammers still exist but only very few. For arena PVP, I would say it is still worth to come back. And yes sin is still king if you are skilled. However, if you plan on any open world (as if there's any) or battleground PVP and any PVE which you need to do for battleground chest keys. I'd say it's not worth it unless you're a whale. I've already stopped playing for a few months cause I was tired of playing the catch up game with every patch and upgrade materials were skyrocketing in price. With the new raid coming soon, expect it prices to go even higher. I still browse forums and content to see if its worth coming back, but it keeps going downhill. They have/ will be nerfing gold for lower dungeons for new players and reduce drop rate and amount of resources eg. daily chest had chance to drop 10 moonstone bundles down to 2-3 bundles. It'll be tough leveling a character to 1050ap mark. 1k is possible but I think 1050k is where most will almost if not hit 100k dps mark. Without a helpful clan, good luck finding party a party in f8 dungeon lobby when you are under 1kap. Clans recruitment is fairly easy but whether they last is another question. Most clans recruitment I've seen have a 1kap requirement which is like the bare minimum for any mid game content. Player toxicity is so so but in dungeons/raids that require mechs.... be prepared to get flamed for not knowing or messing up. BnS is an elitist community from what I've seen and gone through so do your homework before entering a new dungeon/raid you've never done or have low experience with. I say don't waste your time and wait for another mmo coming this year like bless online or possibly ascent:infinite realm (AIR) by end of this year or in Q1 of 2019, but it's really up to you to decide.
  4. I wonder if the skyrift mystic badge is right

    I'm confused what you are trying to ask but I will try and answer what I'm assuming you are trying to get at. Raven weapon has multipliers for both dragon call and dragon helix so it doesn't matter which build you go. For mystic badges, both increases your damage of RMB. They have both been buffed now to 180% on branded for ice build and 240% on salvo hit in shadow. IMO I believe both mystic badges are geared towards being in SB and during leech. In ice build, during both states, sb and leech lasting 15sec (18 leech with legendary badge), you should get out 3 cast of soul shackle move 2, totaling about 10-12 secs of RMB buff during each state. If you are doing your rotations right, you should have only have a small down time about 5-10 (dependent on crit too) in your rotation. SB > leech > 3 > (downtime occurs here) > leech - repeat I will agree it's useless for mobs as you can't brand every enemy if you spec into soul shackle move 2 or don't spec kd tether blade, but against bosses, it is definitely where the mystic badges shine. With really good ping, you should be able to do 2 bombardment per sec. I've done tests on this before getting averaging 6 RMB in 4 sec at 110ms, so you are probably doing rotations wrong or have bad ping if you can only do 2 in 4 secs. Overall, mystic badges aren't suppose to break the class but add a boost to one or a couple of abilities. I've done a parse before with and without. It had a difference of 10k dps so it does help (do note it was before buff). If dragon call did brand instead of target, it would make the class broken and force everyone to go ice for end game content instead of shadow. I think this is where they decided to balance ice to make players not skew only towards ice.
  5. Blocking orbs in SJF

    Yes they can with their 2 ability.
  6. 30 day premium ?!

    it might not apply yet because of the 2nd anniversary event which gave everyone free 2 weeks of premium
  7. We need better ncsoft support

    Honestly, this game isn't well suited for laptops. I had a custom built laptop a couple years ago with an i7 (6700HQ if i'm remembering correctly) and a 970m graphics card for over $1k. I would get around 50-60fps average on medium high settings yet I would still have long load times and horrible lag in populated areas dropping as low as 10fps. At that time, I couldn't even finish blackwyrm. I also second what @weaponzero already stated, though about a different thread, on your laptop prioritizing heat dissipation by ramping up your fan speed and turning off boost, I also had issues with cooling when gaming for long hours. This WILL cause your fps to drop even if you have a new laptop. As you had said it worked fine before but not you are having issues, i would check for recent updates to your computer. Maybe it might be affecting your laptop. However, in general, that's just how laptops are. They will degrade quickly mostly lasting you about 6months-1year in top performance. After that, you'll notice the difference in load times and cooling issues. The lifespan of gaming laptops are not long. Longest I had mine was 2 and a half years til the motherboard went bad. In that case, it'll be better to buy a new one than fixing it. Non gaming laptops on the other hand can last you much longer considering I still have a working one bought in 2012. Secondly, bns is cpu intensive. If you have other programs running in the background, expect your fps to drop. From what I've seen on my computer, bns doesn't really make use of all your cores. That said, you will have 1 core that will be used up completely while very little spread out to your other cores/threads. Any other programs that try to use those cores as well will drop your fps. I would check for any programs running in the background that you don't know about and closing other programs like steam, skype, discord, internet browsers, etc... to see if it makes any difference. IMO: Don't buy a gaming laptop unless you can only game on the go, still do LAN parties, get together with buddies and play LoL, or only play games that don't need more powerful hardware. The money I spent on my laptop, I could had invested in a desktop that would had outperformed it at similar to lower price.
  8. PVE warlock question (returnee)

    Honestly depends on what you like. If you are mostly doing pve then i would go with ice build. It will have better dps when you are higher geared. But if you like to pvp as well, investing in shadow will be much better for battlegrounds and ToI. Comparing with SF, WL will out dps SF (but is really crit dependent) and is way more in demand for SB. SF doesn't have much utility for most parties except for VT that I know of where the mechs require SF HP boost ability. Otherwise you will find a harder time looking for groups. Being a WL, sometimes some groups will let you in and carry you just because of SB. Side note: As range, I find myself without any lag issues but when I switch over to a melee class, I get occaisional lag. Melee is more fun and challenging, but if you have less powerful hardware, I would go with WL.
  9. Soulburn CD Reduction

    Normally without the cd reduction, you have to wait 1min 30sec so YOU can recast SB, but the debuff is 1min. Another WL can SB after that debuff. With the cd reduction from the 8 piece set, the debuff is still the same but you can recast in 1min 3sec. So basically you only have 3sec to wait after the debuff rather than 30sec. Therefore, if you have 2 WL in your party you dont have to both run SB to maximize SB up time.
  10. How do warlocks keep spamming dragoncall?

    you have to have the hongmoon ability for dragon call (not the one from eating zen bean) where it will let you instant recast dragoncall on a dragoncall critical hit. During leech and SB where your critical rate will go up increasing crit chance meaning more dragoncalls. Another thing is the magnum soul badge which will decrease dragoncall cd by 1 sec each hit.
  11. I can't store asura razor in showroom. Any other weapons i'll keep updating. Feel free to add from other classes as well.
  12. Shadow build endgame gear

    Looking at your build, just pointing out some things unless you just forgot to change, but for pve, you want to spec helix into move 1. You'll get more dps. Secondly, i know its expensive and takes alot of grind but really get those hm abilities for your 4 and rmb for pve and your 2 ability for pvp/ToI. Answering by order: 1. Since you are still running msp and xanos, the ideal ss set would be 15678 msp and 234 xanos. This way you wont lose the acc in piece 1 of msp. with raven, you will want to swap out the xanos 234 for raven 234 and work your way towards a full set. However, if you can already get a fallen 3 piece set then go with that instead. Going 5 piece msp and 3 piece raven/fallen, you'll lose a little dps from the stats on xanos, but for pve, the cd rudec. on sb will be better. Taechun is not available yet so 8 piece of fallen is BIS The 15% added to volley i'm not sure though. There are 3 parts: volley, charge, and salvo. raven 3 set may only apply to the volley part. I have tried testing a few rotations before and saw no difference because majority of the time, leech has almost 100% uptime if you are doing your rotations correctly spamming only salvos. Can someone verify this? 2. As @Richtofen had mentioned, mushin and naryu sanctum drops both similar to one half in mushins and the other half in sanctum so you will need to combine them to make the legendary bracelet. The vendor next to the storage in mushins can switch to the one you want at the cost of yunsang prayer beads which is farmed on floor 16-20. 3. Yes change badge in ToI. Currently I use the tribute badge for both battlegrounds and ToI allowing me to ariel with block without having them have to hit into block. In ToI, start every round by summoning thrall then 1F ariel and then your thrall will almost always do a second aerial except versus sin which you should go move 1 for aoe and resist. In battlegrounds, it depends on the enemy team comp. if there are 2 or more sins/sums i'll more than likely go repluse move 1 for the aoe and resist. 4. Again for pvp, the hm ability for soul shackle is mandatory while the book for sanctum is nice as it add 4 more secs and heals 15% more but not totally necessary. You lose out on alot of dps without the double aerial on 2 ability. Get this asap. As for SS, when you can switch the naksun for 3 piece beluga. The cd reduc on bastion is massive. This will increase survivability since WL is such an immobile class with so few resist skills without resets. Because of how immobile WL is and gear based is in battlegrounds, I would recommend going for pure crit defense over pierce and become a disruptor rather than killing others. I have farmed all my hm abilities through dungeons before they were dead lol! So now it seems the only viable way is through pvp. RNG is shit in dungeons with two of the dungeons no one barely runs anymore and the other way is spending 900+g for both halves for book 2 or 500+g for asura ember.
  13. Warlock: Soul Badge Fusions Questions (ICE/SHW)

    As far as I know Legacy will be best for shadow and colossus for ice. Both these are either primal force/magnum fused with transcendence to add 3 more seconds during leech for PVE. I am not to sure with the new glory badges though. However, the limitless/ancestral soul badge does sound better adding 5% more crit dmg per cast of WL 2 skill. I find myself cast 2 twice during leech and SB duration which will add up 25% crit dmg for 12 sec. Not sure if this will be better or adding 3sec of 20% crit dmg. For PVP, soul badges do not work in arena but do in battlegrounds. I personally find the tribute soul badge to be useful in battlegrounds and especially in Tower of Infinity when spec'd into aerial.
  14. Current/updated Warlock Build?

    In another thread which I replied in here it goes over shadow gear with some tips and what and how you should be progressing in end game content. The only difference will be your soul badge, mystic badge, and farming for ice accessories. Soul badge for ice, you will want to get the magnum soul badge and for the mystic, you want the skyrift badge. Assuming you don't have hongmoon abilities yet, you will want to farm/buy them. Most important ones will be your RMB which comes for the chilling flame elixer and 4 abilities. You can get the chilling flame elixir by either pvp farming zen beans which you need 76k zen beans to buy 10 training certificate and 26 pugilist emblems from the trader or farming freezing orbs from cold storage dungeon and buy frozen lamentation stone and combining it with asura ember which can be bought for around 500g (cheapest current price at the time of writing this) or farming soguns lament. For your 4 ability, also obtainable from PVP. You'll need 38k zen beans to buy 5 certificates and 13 pugilist emblems. It can also be farmed in Avalanche den and Awaken Necropolis. Each dungeon will drop a half of a book which you will combine into 1. Otherwise buy it but current prices for both are at 950g for both. For rotations a thread here goes over shadow. For ice, there isn't a recent thread but i'll go over it quick: Normal rotation solo you can first cast a purple 4, Do note, in parties, people who have transcendent souls would rather you sb right away so they don't waste there buff Otherwise it goes like this: 2 > Leech> SB (during leech animation) > 4 > V > RMB x3 > F > (4 and V again when the instant cast comes up again) <---assuming you don't have Hongmoon abilites 3 (wait til all ticks go off) > 4 > V > 2 > Leech > 4 > V > RMB x3 > F (when out of focus) > (4 and V again when the instant cast comes up again) <---When SB is over If you have Hongmoon RMB and 4, you can skip the F and just spam RMB and 4 during SB and Leech. When Leech is on CD, you can cast purple V (if no hongmoon 4) and fill with RMB x3 > F or purple 4 (with book for a chance at instant cast) then spam RMB x3 > 4 All in all, you do have high ping so you may not be able to efficiently go through the rotation. Watch a few videos so you can get an idea.
  15. Shadow build HM skills

    Most important are your RMB and 4. PVP you'll need the HM skill for your 2 which is mandatory. The LMB can be useful in PVP (when not hitting into a deflect) or when leech is on CD as you might have the issue of running out of focus. However, at higher gear, you'll won't run out often making your LMB a rare use. HM sanctum is not necessary but it does help more in pvp adding 4 more seconds. You won't use it much in PVE though. Only times I really use it are in the first boss fight in Naryu Sanctum when he punches and dazes everyone and Xanos boss fight when he does the 5 circle aoe around him. Otherwise it's just for healing.