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Bad_Module_Info and crashes on loading screens


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Getting this thing popping up every once in a while on loading screens (sometimes even in other parts of the game but mostly on loads). I can't seem to figure out how to fix it, but I'm pretty sure it appeared recently and only appears if I'm playing on BnS using the Intel card.


Did a fast research on google and they seem to tie the error to the video driver, but I'm using the latest intel driver x)


Also went into the game folder and run the compatibility troubleshooter on the Client.exe and Windows 10 said it's not compatible o:


This is not my issue since I play on an Nvidia 960m and everything is ok (ok doesn't mean fine since sometimes the game is playing smooth, sometimes is not, somtimes the colors are darker... sometimes lighter, bleh... honestly xD), but quite interested in how to fix it cause I think it has some impact on performances for everyone and not only intel cards owners.


Do you guys have more info about this bad_module_info? Did you notice any performance drop with the past windows 10 updates / bns patches? 


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I was getting bad_module_info on game start up on 64 bit only. After removing all Microsoft Visual C++ redist packages from my PC then restarting and only reinstalling 2013 and 2017 my problems went away.


This also included and FPS drop issue that only resolved itself when I hit alt+tab and back.

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