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Combat lag ping


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Every time I get into combat it goes from 70m - 500m spikes. I've tried all the options I could find online. I've tried findng Asusgaming, cFos (those options) but I don't have those services. I've tried other means of optimization but it does not work. I even tried shutting off all my services, and turning them back on one by one. Problem is, even with all of the services off I still have the combat lag...




1070gtx Nvidia

Tuf sabertooth Asus Motherboard

16g ram

1490k i7

SSD 120g



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On 12/19/2017 at 1:33 AM, Chiptendo said:

I'm on an NA server. I'm in FL. Servers should be in Dallas Texas.

Wow just reading this is proving a point what i made in other previous post! I live in the states aswell very short distance from the servers and my ping shoots to 200-500 or more in the evening hrs! its there servers! 

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