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  1. Examples Like Summer Waves! I Really Wanted To Buy It :(
  2. You not alone man i feel ya i have horrible lag spikes in the evening time its crazy! I live in the same country as NA and i have from 30-40ms to 300-400 Its Crazy Bro
  3. Thank You God Somebody Has Sense Here! There Is Alot Of People Defending Ncsoft On These Servers Maybe You Can Bring Light To The Servers
  4. The only solution is to quit lol/be forced out...I thought the one in china gives a free ping booster why cant ncsoft here cant :/ This is messed up fr
  5. So you're a isp tech yourself to tell me its the route i presume? I just want answers not trying to start a flaming war here! Its frustrating and nobody from Ncsoft its not willing to cooperate on the issue... I See many post complaining and nothing being done
  6. I will let you win this argument if you can answer these 2 question Why is my route so bad to this 1 game onlyyyy And Not The Rest? Do You Think Its Fair Some Have To Pay For A Ping Booster That Lives 2 STATES!!! Away Or Less?! Whats funny i could prob play another version of Bns Overseas and get lower Ms Than My Own Country! LOL Thats Sad
  7. Wow just reading this is proving a point what i made in other previous post! I live in the states aswell very short distance from the servers and my ping shoots to 200-500 or more in the evening hrs! its there servers!
  8. How is the servers not at fault??? When people keep saying that they can play other games and including myself with very good ping and dont need WTFast And Other Ping Boosters I believe they paid to cause certain people with bad lag so they have to use the programs to profit off the revenue! Call it bs or whatever but it cannot be ruled out P.S You Can Say Im Salty,Triggered A Mad Rat Or Whatever But Im Speaking On The Behalf Of People Like Me And Just Alike
  9. All i can comment to this thread is that its insanely ridiculous i cant play a game i love just because i have very high ping 300-400 ms even more and i live 2 states away from the thing SMH I Hope They Can Make There Servers Or Lvl 3 Bullcrap Or whatever improved soon :)
  10. Could it be 64bit causing the lag spikes? i scared to switch back to 32 xD edit* Nah it dint help my lag spikes one bit :(
  11. It Makes No Sense! Just Played Awhile Ago And i was In Mushin Tower With 1k PING This Has Got To Stop xDDD
  12. I personally believe its on them because 2 or 3 patches ago aswell as other games i play i have really really low ping that i could play wind KFM with ease. @Amarathiel You possibly could have a point about the traffic stuff which sucks if its true... And i dont really want to pay for a vpn just to play this game because i feel like i should not
  13. Really need some help here and i cant figure out whats going on at all! I Live 2 States Away From The Servers In Texas And I Get 400-500 or more Ms In Game Every Freaking Evening 5pm Onwards It Makes Me Seriously Not Want To Play Anymore At All Please Fix The Servers! It Cant Be My ISP
  14. Im tired of replies like its prob ISP or something thats getting old seriously... Im from the states (Alabama) And im getting 200-300 Ms In Game Trying To Play SF When I Use To Get In Game 40-80ms Please Explain To Me That! Its getting very very frustrating and it seems like its happening every evening like the Op stated
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