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Crash lag after login


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Hello :)

So today i wanted to start playing bns again after a break from the game and when i logged in it worked fine but then it crashed and i didn't really think that it meant anything cuz it happend a lot when i played the game before the break but after i logged in to the game i had between 15-25 fps but in the lobby i had 60-70 and i had that before the crash aswell and i don't really know what to do i hope anyone can help me

Thank You :=)

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Right my bad ._.

GTX 960


intel(R) core i5-4460 CPU 3.20GHz

and i am using 64 bit but i have tried 32 bit aswell no change

and only like discord and chrome but i have tried to close everything but bns dosn't help

And all my drivers are up to date

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